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Old 07-16-2010, 05:05 PM
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Default New Yagyu Rpccg Non Combat Level Zone

The new non combat zone

Stats are as follows

Non COmbat stats can change at judgment of the GM, IE if you act stupid and murder someone in the street in a city with witnesses without a good reason or get drunk and casue a public disturbance your charisma will lose a point.

Light Green: Intelligence
Governs chances to learn, read, solve problems, traps, know customs, geography, navigate ect.

Light red: Charisma
Governs probability that people will like you, sell to you, hate you, your ability to persuade, lie, charm. Your reputation is also part of charisma, if it is high people will know you for your good deeds, if it is low then people will know you for your bad deeds.

- Negative Charisma? :
Negative charisma means, that char is the only stat that can go negative. If it goes on the negative side, people will fear you and or attack you, this represents your ability to intimidate and provoke people. negative Charisma will represent that you are likely a ruffian, outlaw criminal scum who people will want exterminated. It will be hard to buy goods, rent rooms, or even walk thru a village. But some players may enjoy that kind of challenge.

Also if you have negative charisma you are in danger of PERMA DEATH. If you die you may likely be perma killed. So Negative Charisma is not a good thing to have.

Light Yellow: Wisdom
Wisdom governs a characters common sense, intuition, perception and even luck. It will affect you odds of being able to sense an enemy attack, a trap, a hidden spy, a solution to a trap such as a hidden button. Perceiving a Small detail in a room such as a statue that is different from others and may just be the release for a trap already sprung. It governs your ability to know if you should fight someone, try and haggle a price down, or if playing cards, say fold or raise lol.

When your character levels normally you will gain the following
Level Modifier
Level 1: base card +3 stat points and 1 text ability
Level 2: 1 Stat Point and 1 Non Combat tactic card
Level 3: 2 Stat Points and 1 Text Ability
Level: 4 1 Stat Point

More to come...

Abilities (stackable)
Lucky : +1 to result when you reroll any dice
Elementary: +1 to attempts when reading or doing math.
Sense: +1 attempt to sense an ambush or hidden enemy.
fast talker: +1 attempt when bartering.
Path Finder: +1 attempt when looking for a location.
Clue Finder: +1 attempt when attempting to search for clue to solve a trap.

You can find the non combat tactic cards here

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