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Old 03-29-2009, 07:18 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Question: Is there a basic character sheet by any chance?
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Old 05-09-2009, 10:40 AM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Sairyo (tends to introduce himself as Saiyuri as a sort of ironic statement as to his actual being)

Age: 19

Eyes: a dark yet vibrant green

Hair: dark brown-black, about medium length, slightly spiked, but worn in a downward pointing fasion

Face: Clean and smooth aside from marks, that appear to be scars, on each of his eyes that extend from 1 inch over the eyes to 1 1/2 inches below is a sort of ) ( shape (they dont overlap).

Physique: Lean, but defined

Weight: 127 lbs

Height: 5' 9"

Virtues: friendly and nonchalant, keeps to his word

Vices: nonchalant always (even in life or death situations), wont follow demands if he doesn't deem it necessary or worth while, may or may not be dependable

Black Kimono jacket with longer than average sleeves. The sleeve ares cut near the top near the shoulder (along the upper arm) leaving a small slit on each arm where flesh is exposed.
Black Hakama
Black High-top tabi boots
Golden edged, black handled naginata
Odachi with odd markings on the blade and sheath (not the standard holy icons) with a dark, ruby red-black handle (calls it Getsuei Kage [Moon Shadow])
8 kunai
Quote: "How many times must I die before I can finally rest?"

Skills: Specializes in attacks with his odachi, deceptively fast given the size of the blade and his own size; Can switch weapons in the middle of a fight smoothly.

Family: When asked he often goes into a speach about a certain cat and something to do with nature. It may seem personal to him, but to the average listener it's largely illogical and he often is accused of avoiding the question.

Job: Wanderer; goes from place to place helping people than moves on

Hobbies: Collecting "interesting" things, literature?

History: Born and brought up until age 12 in a small coastal village, the entire place was razed to the ground while he had walked off to explore the surrounding areas he came back many hours later to the smouldering remains of the buildings and the dead picked at by scavengers. Amidst the remains of a small shrine, he found something that seemed untouched by the flames, an odachi. He was drawn to it and took it with him before he left the ruins. Over time he managed to set upon little oddjobs in various fields, but lacked the overall skill and dedication to continue work. He continued to practice with the blade and developed his own style for combat. As a short-time apprentice to a weapons smith, he learned how to maintain his blade and took some kunai from the man as he was being chased out the door for ruining a decorative sword the master had just finished. He had thought that a blade that glamorous should be able to cut through a piece of wood with ease...that was evidently not the case. The following years were fairly uneventful until he'd run into a rather drunken warrior who decided Sairyo had been the cause for some problem of his. It had hardly been a fight. The man stumbed and hit so many things, he basicaly defeated and exhausted himself. Sairyo took his naginata and drug the man to an Inn before fleeing the scene.

Alone, I work to protect the innocent in the night.

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Old 07-02-2009, 07:19 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

RP Character

Name: tetsujin

Age: 23

Hair: Black,Scruffy and short
Eyes: Pitch black yet distinctive green pigments
Face: Clean smooth looking, scar(cheek-from his mouth to the cheekbone)
Physique: Body fat,muscular built,tall, regular skin tone

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: 6' 1"

Patience, philosophically, friendly

Kills without remorse or thought, Twitch on his left eye,
Been known to have courted several "prominent" ladies,
likes his sake and gambling, Don`t touch his beard
(known to have killed men for offending it or damaging its neatly)

Dark blueish/blackish Hood and mask
Dark blueish/blackish Kimono jacket with longer sleeves.
Dark blueish/blackish Bandages wrapped around the arms
Dark blueish/blackish Gauntlets with small pockets for various deadly items
Dark blueish/blackish Hakama
Dark blueish/blackish Tabi boots
Top Quality Clothing, inlaid with extra protection against various attacks

Specially made tools and weapons made by Shogunate smiths
Wakizashi x2 (50cm length) Nagamaki(single edgedblade 91cm,Shaft 60Cm)
Also Shurikens/Bo shurikens
(Weapons has a seal imprinted-infamous wakazashi shadows brand)
(seal underneath hilts/handles covered by cloth/threading, also on various suiting spots on the shurikens/bo shurikens)
Rope+ claw like tools in a bag attached in advance before use(Ashiko)
also various other/daily tools and money

Skills:Basic smithing,shurikenjutsu,naginatajutsu and various martial art styles of that era

Family:its an infamous shinobi family hidden from public eyes

Job: Shinobi, employed by the Shogunate

Hobbies: countryside strolling, artistically endeavors, Zen gardens, assassinations, Oh and to mention cherry blossoms

His story is not ordinary being borne and raised by a famous shinobi family his training began at an early age, already at age 12 he performed his first low tasked mission to the letter of perfection.
He didn't experience many sorrows, although he did lose several important family members thru out his youth which have scarred his way of thinking.
At his 16th summer the shogunate took an interest to the boy after several succeeding missions of various sorts.
When tetsujin was nearing his 17th summer, his father one day rushed into the family estate telling them he has to vanish for the sake of the family.
At his 17th summer there was a wast fire on the estate property.
In the rumble a thoroughly burned body was found identified by a tatto and few ornaments leaving his wife, couple of children behind.
Tetsujin was now officially the family head and at his 20th summer the shogun himself employed him to his death squad known as the wakazashi shadows due to their honorable beliefs and explicit use of the wakazashi.
During that year tetsujin became top dog Shinbi in the Shogunate death squad thus making himself known across Japan as the Nagamaki death spin, tetsujin the Nagamaki death spin to those unfortunate to recognize him as there does not exist many with their tongues or hands intact to tell the tale
just a brand upon their forehead which should dictate not to inquire further

To be continued

Shinobi or Samurai, that is the question?,
Good or evil that's in the eye of the beholder
Which fate brings me to conclusions?

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Old 07-14-2010, 08:09 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Uke Gyokku

Age: 36

Physique: Top physical shape created by years of vigorous practice and training, limited only by genetics

Appearance: Uke is 5' 11'' and about 165 pounds. He keeps his head shaved bald, and and his face is also shaved. He is of asian decent, with a stern countenance. He has very large eyebrows, with eyes that echo rage, madness, and enjoyment.

Clothing: When dressed for a job or mission, Uke downs the cowl of mystery. He cloaks himself in the dark blue Shinobi Shozoko, and Tabi boots.


Virtues: His former training in the Wudang Temple

Vices: Women like most men, Uke often indulges his appetite for the opposite sex whenever he has free time between practice and training.

Positive emotion: Uke does have a deep seated respect for nature, and all living things.

Negative emotion: With the flashes of the deaths of his peers in the wudang temple, Uke contemplates revenge most of the time.

Lifestyle: Training to no end in the art of Iaijutsu, and continuous practice of yubijitsu as well as other forms of bujitsu.

Quote: " If the lord of hell were given to me as a mark to kill, the powers I possess would cut him neatly in two! "

Joys in Life: Completing all missions given with flawless execution is the only joy in a Ninja's life.

Skills: Uke Gyokku is a master in 3 distinct arts of bujitsu. The dangerous techniques of strangulation (shime-waza), which provided innumerable ways of interupting the flow of blood to an opponent's brain, or of air to the lungs, this attacking the very roots of his capacity to perceive and react. Techniques of dislocation (kansetsu-waza) were actions directed against an opponent's joints, especially those which could quickly dislocated. Finally what his school is known most for is the art of Yubijitsu, the deadly use of the thumb and fingers against vital centers in the human body.

Career: Since Uke is just beginning in terms of RP he has no record to show.

Family: Gyokku

Upbringing: Nonuse ("the art of stealth") was first introduced to Japan in 522 A.D. as a religion practiced by priests. These priests were not violent people, they were "mystics" who gathered and shared information for the ruling classes. Uke's family's orgins come from these mystics.

It wasn't until 645 A.D. that the priests perfected their fighting skills and made use of their knowledge of nonuse. This was because they found themselves being harassed by the central government and found in necessary to protect themselves.

In 794-1192 A.D. the new civilization flourished and with it, a new class of wealthy, privileged families. These families fought with one another in attempts to make or destroy emperors. The need for spies, informants and now assassins grew as these families dueled for power. They were suspicious and jealous of one another and would resort to any means necessary to eliminate any possible threats. The Gyokku family was slaughtered by one of the wealthy families in the burning of the Wudang Temple. Uke survived alone as a young man. Uke became a resident of the forest, surviving with the formal training that he had from the Wudang Temple. Flashes of his family being killed echoed in his mind, as he remembered the soldiers chanting the name of his hated adversary. He was eventually befriended by a woman he tried to rob, and refined the draws of Iaijutsu that the young boy had demonstrated to him, during the failed robbing attempt. Uke began to realize the woman he met was the last remaining member of his former school, Gyokku. He would spend the next 15 years of his life training and learning all he could from middle aged woman. Eventually she was cut down during an assassination mission that they both were completing. With his only real Master and companion gone, Uke did not fail to introduce the blade to the mark, his Master paid with her life in blood. This mission paid him considerably, and with it he fled to the mountains to begin to finally rebuild the Gyokku Ryu.

Ambitions: To kill the Lord of the family that destroyed his. As of yet there is no one alive except Uke that knows which family is to blame, and which family will receive his vengence...
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Old 06-27-2011, 08:46 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Chan Tachibana

Physique:Average skinny not to strong not to weak
Clothes: Happi Coat, Geta Sandals
Appearance: 5' 9" a light weight with Scruffy short hair (looks like he just woke up and almost was late to his class...again)
Job: Teacher of a school hoping to raise our kids into a bright future that will improve our community and economy a fun teacher not one you see often
Skills Basically everything a teacher needs to teach, cooking, herbalism, alchemy, farming basically all the basic skills our children need to know
How i live my life: basic and carefree. feels great honor in being able to raise our children to be smart wise individuals. a good person to trust in most situations.
History: As a child Chan Tachibana grew up in a poor village with his Big Brother. as he grew up learning all the basic skills he would need in his life like cooking and herbalism he began to notice how much he wanted to protect people and teach them how to live better so that's what he did teaching the children of his village to cook and what was dangerous es, him and his Brother who learned the art of being a good merchant was able to improve there standard of living in this poor village and made it seem nice to live in full of bright, young children smart and proud growing up to be good for our future together with everyone

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Old 06-28-2011, 01:49 AM
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Default Re: Character Database

Tsutomu Tachibana

Physique: Average muscle mass
Clothes: Men's Kimono and sandals
Appearence:5"8, he is an average person when it comes to his body. He has long hair going down about 1/4 of his back.
Family: Tachibana Family
Job: He is the owner of a store. He works with his younger brother to improve society through the economy.
Skills: Born with a love of money he persued his love, therefore he has generally no skills meant for self-protection. He relies on the profit he makes from selling items to hire guards.
Way of life:He lives his life in a serious manner, being the older brother of his family he feels that it is his responsibility to provide for his carefree younger brother.
Personal History: Growing up in a poor village, he loved the money that he and his brother could manage to find. His younger brother was so concerned for other's welfare that he decided he would it his duty to support his family and make his brother's dream a reality. As he persued his merchant career, his younger brother persued the more subtle path of being a teacher. When he finished his apprenticeship he went back to his home town with his brother to start a shop and improve the life of his and those that live around him.

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Old 07-17-2011, 04:31 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Ryufu Tokadachi

Age: Somewhere around mid 50s to mid-60s

Physique: Ryufu is rather tall, yet thin. He has a lot of muscles, only around one percent of him is body fat.

Appearance: He has almost no hair. Only the sides of his head has hair and that’s white. He still has a long beard though, white as well.

Clothing: Ryufu pretty much always wears what you would normally see a fisherman wearing. An old ripped kimono jacket and a pair of brown hakama that have been rolled up a little. He has a straw hat that he wears to keep the sun from affecting him to much.

Gear: He doesn’t really have gear, besides the old armor from his samurai days.

Positive emotion: Happiness, Love

Negative emotion: A suppressed anger and depression.

Lifestyle: Ryufu lives a happy go lucky lifestyle, not caring for much but always smiling. He loves to learn new things, new trades, new skills, etc.

Quote: “Come on, have fun.”

Joys in Life: His joys in life are the small things. He can always find joys in rocks or in animals, but if you talk about the military or politics then he will shun you.

Skills: Hes not really a master in anything, but he knows a lot of trades. He can cook, hes a blacksmith, hes a fisherman, hes a skilled swordsman, seeing as he is an old samurai that left. He can also skip rocks a pretty good distance on a river.

Career: His title is of a fisherman, but he is much more than that.

Family: He once had a family, yes, but what is left now is a grandchild or two that he doesn’t even remember the names of.

History: He was born into a fairly high classed family, his father was a samurai. At a young age he was introduced to the world of martial arts and swords. He took to them well, being skillful in both of them. Around the age of twenty, his father died. He doesn’t exactly remember how, but it seemed to be natural causes, even though his father had no history of illness whatsoever.

From the age of 21 to about 38 or 39, he served as a samurai, though he didn’t seem to happy about killing people. During this time, he allowed his depression and anger show, no one messed with him. He usually carried around a single sword, as well as a hidden dagger, a suntetsu of sorts. Even though he didn’t like killing people, his anger would sometimes get the best of him, until he turned 41.

At this age, he was finally able to suppress the anger and the depression, but his eyes showed his true soul. He was hurting deep inside. He was able to find love though, only to have her murdered after a few years. He was left with two child to feed, no time for revenge. As his kids grew up, his vengefulness died out. He had forgiven the culprits and decided it was time to live a carefree life. His kids grew more and moved away, so he was left alone with himself.

Ambitions: The only ambitions he has to live free. He doesn’t care for money, he doesn’t care for revenge or anything of the sort. He just wants to be happy.

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