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Forlorn's Dark Horizon ^__^U Um merely a place for my current novel Dark Horizon. Granted I'm still not done and I'm not very good at it. But still, enjoy anyway.

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Old 12-08-2005, 07:19 PM
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Default Ch.4

-Ito gazed listlessly, at the remains of the village she had called home. How many years ago was it, that she had felt this same sorrow that threatened to consume her entire being? A little over a decade perhaps. Her feet shuffled through, her eyes taking into account the irreversible damage.

-In her mind’s eye, she could see it’s former self overlapping the forlorn sight presented to her. She could see and hear the life of the village as the people went about with their daily routines. She heard the laughter of the young children who greeted her with an innocent awe while she watched her friends momentarily leave their tasks forgotten as they talked with her of nothing in particular.

-“You have to come with me to Sadame one day, Ito.”

-“Yes, we should go there for your next birthday.” Another piped in.

-She kept walking, smiling ruefully. She could still see the reality, yet the memories refused to fade.

-“I don’t know. Yue does not approve of Sadame.” She whispered, answering no one but the ghosts of her memories.

-“Oh come on now Ito.” One said reproachfully, faking hurt.

-“We will convince him, after all you have not properly celebrated your birthdays!” Yet another said cheerfully.

-“I really don’t know…” She said, smiling a little helplessly.

-She stopped, and stood there, lost in the sea of unfinished promises that lingered. Almost wearily, she let the memories fade, seeing again what her eyes had beheld before. She must do something at least, to ease her guilt for running away. True, she may have been told to, but she should’ve gone back to help. She looked down at her hands, then clenched them. She could try to salvage the corpses and bury them, only, she looked around again, she had no shovel to dig the graves with. She waved away the thought, she could worry about that later, right now she had to find whatever was left of the villagers first.

-The setting sun had found Ito staring impassively at the fresh row of graves before her. There were little clusters of flowers on each one, a small tribute. Her hands were caked with dirt and blood. She had found nothing usable enough to dig with, so used her bare hands instead. She shrugged the pain off, the aching emptiness had become long since become an unfeeling void.

-She heard someone approach her, but chose to ignore it. She wanted some time in peace to say her last words to them, before setting off. But she turned around anyway, just to be polite.

-“I assume that this-“he waved his hand at the charred remains of her childhood home. “Is your village. Lovely place.” He said airily.

-Her eyes widened, she recognized that mocking voice. She saw a thin veil of red cloud her sight; there was no doubt he was the one who had inflicted such an unfair fate upon her home!

-“You.” She breathed quietly, her anger evident as she regarded him coldly.
-He smirked at her. “I see you haven’t forgotten me. I’m flattered.” He replied, still in that mocking tone.

-In a quick movement of color, she found herself in the air, held suspended by the hand around her throat. Shock registered in her eyes, and she even managed to find the situation a little ironic. Would she too die the same way, her mother had? Well, she would find out soon enough.

-“I should kill you right now for what you’ve done to my pride, *****.” He said coldly, all traces of his former demeanor now gone.

-“However, I will spare your pathetic waste of a life if you tell me where your wretched people hid it.”

-Her small hands came up to try and pry the demon’s fingers from her neck. It was no use, his fingers were clamped around her neck like an iron vice.

-“I do not know of what you speak of.” She gasped, trying to breathe.

-His hand squeezed her neck in warning, applying more pressure and allowing less air for her to breathe.

-“Do not try my patience. I demand an answer now.” He growled menacingly.

-She chuckled weakly, still gripping at his hand. “If I knew, what makes you think I’d tell you?”

-She was mocking him! A tendril of light pink crept into the whites of his eyes, leaving the gold of his irises untouched to burn with an inpatient fury.

-“Because I will kill you slowly and painfully if you do not tell me.” He threatened, emphasizing the words slowly and painfully.

-“San!" (San is the word for purify right?)

-A thin column of blue fire streaked through the air and grazed the arm that held the girl up. The skin sizzled and he retracted it in pain, dropping the girl as he did so. He snapped his head to look behind him, and saw a red and white garbed priestess with a talisman between her fingers. He mentally cursed his luck, and fled. But not before exchanging his last words with the girl.

-“Beware girl. I will come back to finish this.”

-Ito massaged her neck and watched as the sandaled feet of the priestess approach her. She got up and stared at the older woman, unsure of how to show her thanks. However, she seemed to know what Ito had wanted to do and merely nodded.

-“You should be more careful. There are demons that lurk nearby.”

-Ito raised an eyebrow, inquisitive of her presence. Her throat was lightly injured, but she would rather not risk further damage and so stayed silent.

-“I am Sakuya Yoshikuni. I am an exorcist dispatched to cleanse this place of demonic spirits.”

-“And am I correct in assuming that you were a survivor?”

-Ito nodded slightly.

-“I see.” Sakuya reached into her sleeves and pressed a few talisman similar to the one she had used, into Ito’s hand. She looked at the woman, slightly confused.

-“These will help you should that demon return.”

-She tucked the talismans in her haori and bowed to the priestess. She left the village and it occurred to her that she had no idea how to invoke the holy magic sealed within those scraps of paper.

-‘Oh well. I doubt I’ll be relying on them anyway.’

-The thing that she wanted to brood about now, was where would she go and what would she do next?

-Ito stopped and turned around, vainly peering at the darkness enveloping her. The feeling of being stalked had stubbornly refused to fade ever since nightfall, and each minute that passed made her ever increasingly edgy and paranoid. The faint lantern glow of the village was visible, beckoning her to hurry to it’s inviting comfort. The leaves above rustled ominously from a sudden rush of wind, making her look up. She saw nothing disturbing the trees, yet something alerted her of a presence nearby.

-“No need to look. I’m right here.”

-She lowered her gaze and smiled, seeing Hideki standing before her with his arms crossed.

-“Hello, Hideki.” She said,, walking up to him.

-He abandoned his earlier pose and brushed the back of his hand across her cheek, lovingly.

-“I thought you’d leave without coming back.”

-“I won’t leave. Not yet.” She replied, reassuring him.

-He nodded approvingly, glad that Ito would stay by his side just a little longer. Had it been another woman, no doubt she would’ve been easily persuaded to remain. However Ito was not an ordinary woman, and once her mind was set about something, nothing would deter her. And he himself had witnessed firsthand how stubborn she could be.

-“You must be hungry. You’ve been gone for quite some time.”

-Her stomach grumbled in agreement. “I guess I am.” She said, smiling.
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