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Old 01-14-2010, 06:23 PM
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Default Ikko-Ikki Campaign Character Sheets

Here is where you will post your completed and confirmed character sheets.
The link to the "Character Creation Guide" is:
Please can each player choose a unique colour to display their sheet and character sheet in.

Name: Magoichi Saika (Given name: Shigehide Suzuki).
Profession: Samurai, rebel.
Age: early 20s
EXP: 0

Alignment: +5
Fame: +10
Constitution: 20
Strength: 10
Precision: 8
Speed: 10
Agility: 10
Luck: 10
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 7
Stamina: 15

Attack: 10

Medical: Cost 5: Heal 2d6

Side Swing: Cost 5: Damage: 1d3
Meditation: Cost: 15 Heal 1d4 Damage
Rifle Melee Attack: Cost 7: Damage 1d4
Down Swing: Cost: 10: Damage: 1d6
Dodge: Cost: 5: 1d4 Change to Dodge
Focus: Cost: 10: 1d3 bonus to any action
Medical: Cost 5: Heal 2d6 on other or self
Buddhist Fanatacism: Cost: 10 effects: 1d10 bonus to all offensive actions.
Danger Sense: Your heightened senses will warn you when danger is near.

Weapon Proficiency: Katana
Bonus: All Combat actions cost -1 when Saika is using his Katana.

Profile: Shorter than usual hair, tied back simply with a scruffy fringe. Tall, slim and muscular.

Personality: Kind, honest, but dark. Stands up for the little guy, by any means.
History: Born in a small farming region to a samurai retainer, he was taught the virtues of Bushido from a young age. In 1570, Oda Nobunaga started an offensive campaign against the Ikko-Ikki warrior monks. Already a close ally, Magoichi led his family to the monk’s aid, taking up a rifle and sword to fight the tyranny of Nobunaga.

Equiped Items:
Celebrated Katana (Makoto): Damage 3d6
Well-crafted Tanega-shima: Damage 2d6
White hakama
White shirt
Green Kataginu
Brown leather riding boots
Brown leather bracers
Leather belt.

Expensive Medium Travel Pack (room for 15 items)
Caltrops Damage 1d4 (6 caltrops)
Tanto Damage 1d4
White Cloth
Black Blanket.
Bar of soap
500 ryo
Ninkyo-Dantai RPG
Ninkyo-Dantai Wiki
Inazuma ni,
koboruru ota ya,
take no tsuyu

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Old 01-15-2010, 05:56 PM
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Default Re: Ikko-Ikki Campaign Character Sheets

Name: Kichuate Kaito

Proffession: Woodcutter

Age: 63


EXP: 0

Alignment: Good

Fame: +1

Bonus Dice Used: 1d6, 1d8, 1d12

Constitution: 0/15 temp KO

Strength: 15

Precision: 3

Speed: 11 (temp -1)

Agility: 10

Luck: 3 (+1)

Intelligence: 3

Charisma: 10

Stamina: 0/10

Attack: 10




Wood Cutter



Side Swing: Cost 5: Damage: 1d3

Thrust: Cost 7: Damage: 1d4

Down Swing: Cost: 10 Damage: 1d6

Personal Move:

Earths Crushing Burden


Stam cost: 10

Weapon type: Unorthodox

Requires: The user must gain initiative before using this move.

Description: The user strengthens his body, and rushes his opponent with the burden of earth. This move is capable of crushing many bones, and smashing through even the strongest obstacles. Due to the sheer force of this attack, the user oftens takes damage himself.

Effect: Once the user gains initiative, they rush the enemy with full force. The enemy takes damage equal to half the users Speed, and their full Strength. In addition, the user takes 1d10 damage.

Weapon Proficiency: Body
Bonus: (-1 to Stamina costs when Kaito uses his body as a weapon)

Profile: Stands at about 6'5. Bald on head, but has a thick beard and mustache that has turned gray from the test of time. Has large forehead wrinkles, and usually a confident look on his face. Very solid all through his body.

Personality: Very kind, caring, but at the same time harsh in his ways. He will openly challenge anything or anyone he see's as wrong or not doing the right thing. Kaito is usually pretty quiet, and rubs his beard alot when in deep thought.

History: Kaito was born in a small, relatively unpopular fishing village. His years as a young child were spent learning to fish, cook, and most of all, cut wood. Kaito's father believed that cutting wood was an art that took a lifetime to master. At the age of twenty, Kaito set off to learn the ways of woodcutting from the masters. Where he would find these masters, he did not know and did not care. At one point, while trying to sell bamboo he had cut, Kaito met a young master of unarmed fighting. Kaito took this oppurtunity, and offered to help the young man build a dojo. The two found a nice place, far in the mountains, and built a small dojo. Kaito trained there for seven years, in the ways of unarmed fighting. But eventually, Kaito felt he needed to go back to his life of drifting... Now, at 63, he is a very strong person, due to his very healthy diet.
His goals drift along, and he is usually willing to help out others simply because his life has no major purpose...



Superbly Crafted Axe (Dmg 3d6)

Weakened Plated Bandana (Dmg 1d6)

Woodsman's Pelt Vest;

Plain Brown Leggings;

Simple Boots;

Bar of Soap;

Pair of Chopsticks;

Heirloom Ring (+1 luck when worn)

Powerful Yumi Bow (2d6 dmg)

Medium Travel Pack (holds 15 items);

214 Ryo.


Bloody Arrow (+1 to Fame)

"I will challenge you again, and your fate will not be the same as this day." ~Tenma

"I have a reputation for speed." ~Hozoin In'ei

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Old 01-16-2010, 12:15 AM
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Default Re: Ikko-Ikki Campaign Character Sheets

Name: Ryubara Kagekaze
Profession: Scout, Information gatherer.
Age: 17
XP: 20
fame: 5

Alignment: 0
Constitution: 10/10
Strength: 5
Precision: 10
Speed: 15 (+2 in combat)
Agility: 15 (+2 in combat)
Luck: 10
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 5
Stamina: 10/10
Attack: 10 (+2 attack)

--Scouting (+d6 to stealth, lockpicking and information gathering)
Thieving (+d4 to stealth, lockpicking and theft)

Parry: Cost: 3 1d3 chance to parry
Dodge: Cost: 5 1d4 Change to Dodge
Block: Cost: 7 1d6 chance to block

Weapon Proficiency: Katana
Bonus: All Combat actions cost -1 when Kagekaze is using his Katana.

Personal Move: Cost 10 stam: "The Rose has Thorns" for the next (d6+1 per character level) rounds when ever an enemy attacks Kagakaze, they take 1d4 damage from quick slashes with his weapon.

Ancient Black Bladed Katana of the Ryubara Dam 3d6, when sheathed it gives a D4 (4 roll suceeds) chance that anyone who sees KageKaze when he is using stealth will ignore him. When drawn gives a +2 speed and +2 agility.
Mottled Grey and Brown Ninja Garb +2 stealth
Inherited ring (+2 to attack)
Poor Yumi. D6 damage
7 arrows

In Bag or Carried:
medium travel pack (15 items)
193 ryo,
pair of chopsticks
bar of soap X2
Oda Insignia (+5 fame)

Profile: Very "Anyman" in appearance. Does not stand out in any group. Shoulder length dark hair that can pass for black or brown pulled back in a ponytail, brown eyes, well shaved face. Average height weight. When you get under teh generic loos fitting clothes he is Very muscular from lots of time spent running and scouting. Not overly strong, but very fit and agile.

Personality: Quiet, Thinks about himself first. But he hates to see an injustice go unpunished. He will find a way to repay those who wrong those weaker than themselves, but will make a point of not taking credit for it.

History: Descendant of the Legendary Ryubara Yama, he has spent much of his time avoiding that legacy. His brother is Daimyo of the Ryubara clan, and he happily works as a scout and information gatherer for them, as long as he doesn't have any responsibilities other than that.

I am out of prozac and patience, and I have a .357

(translated to fit in with T:LAW)
Be wary, I am lacking both in mood and patience, and my blade is both fast and sharp.

(edited to fit for Yama)
Your getting on my nerves, leave before I injure your inner child with my fist.

Short stories by ME

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Default Re: Ikko-Ikki Campaign Character Sheets

Name: Shirihama Sazuki
Profession: Assassin
Age: 20
Fame: 0

Alignment: Selfish
Constitution: 10
Strength: 15
Precision: 3
Speed: 15
Agility: 15(+5)
Luck: 5
Intelligence: 3
Charisma: 3
Stamina: 10

Attack: 10


Down Swing: Cost: 10 Damage: 1d6
Parry: Cost: 3 1d3 chance to parry
Dodge: Cost: 5 1d4 Change to Dodge

"Assassins focus" - Passive
Sazuki has +5 attack and +5 Agi against his target

Weapon Proficiency: Tekko-Kagi (http://thedarkblade.com/wp-content/u...-Kagi-Full.jpg)

Bonus: All Combat actions cost -1 when Sazuki is using his Tekko-Kagi

Profile: Black hair, extremely pale skin

Personality: Extremely reserved and quiet

History: Sazuki has killed for money his entire life, more to be revealed during rp

Equiped Items: Well crafted(2d6) Tekko-kagi + 3 agility
Tabi +2 agility

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Old 04-19-2010, 01:37 PM
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Default Re: Ikko-Ikki Campaign Character Sheets

Name: Rumachi Nirishi
Age: 23
Profession: Apothecary
Level: 1
EXP: 0
Alignment: Selfish

Stats: (80 points total)
Strength: 5
Precision: 10
Stamina: 10
Agility: 8
Luck: 10
Intelligence: 12
Charisma: 10
Speed: 5

Attack: 10

Skills: Apothecary, Unorthodox, merchant


Focus: Cost: 10 1d3 bonus to any action
Dodge: Cost: 5 1d4 Change to Dodge
Poision Lace: Has the ability to lace his weapons with posion. Dealing an additional 1d6 damage during the intial strike, plus 1d3 damage per round of the opponents defense
Arrow Quick Shot: Cost 7: Damage: 1d4 (For knives?)

Weapon Proficiency: Short-arms throwing -2 stamina

Profile: Rumachi is about 5’ 11”. He has short cut, curly brown hair. He’s slim and agile.

Personality: Rumachi is most concerned with what benefits him. If there is a benefit, expect it to happen.

History: Early on, Rumachi was made apprentice to a traveling merchant. He traveled around Japan, learning the art of buy materials, refining them, and then selling them for the highest price possible.

After a while, he learned that there was more money to be made, but one had to travel the gray line between justice and lawlessness to earn it. It was then that Rumachi learned the art of poisoning, and also how to throw knives.

101 Ryo
44 throwing knives, 1d3 dmg without poison
19 vials of poison
pair of chopsticks
bar of soap
medium travel pack, with enough room for 15 items
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Old 06-16-2010, 08:13 PM
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Default Re: Ikko-Ikki Campaign Character Sheets

Name: Erwin Van der Berg
Profession: Sailor
Age: About 30 (Born 1550)
Religion: Calvinist
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Constitution: 14
Strength: 12
Precision: 14
Stamina: 10
Agility: 10
Speed: 10
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 4
Luck: 3

Attack: 10

Arquebus (Tanega-Shima)
Boxing (Kempo)

Aimed Shot: Cost 10. 1d6 damage.
Rifle Long Shot: Cost 10. 1d6 damage.
Punch: Cost 5. 1d3 damage.

Weapon Proficiency: Teppo (tell me what to put under this)

Profile: Erwin is European and is of larger stock than most Japanese. He is about 6'3 and weighs nearly 220 pounds. He is barrel-chested and has compact, thick bones and muscles. He has short blond hair and prefers to keep his beard trimmed flat at about half an inch from his chin, while ridding himself of a mustache. He has short, sandy blond hair that lies flat. His eyes are gray.

Personality: Erwin is socially incompetent, and doesn't engage in conversation often. He will follow others as long as he believes it is for a good cause. He is slow but not stupid, with his outer image hiding a cunning interior, one that is useful in a fight.

History: Erwin was raised in Antwerp in the Spanish Netherlands. He learned to sail on the many rivers of the country when he was very young and it became his passion. He began sailing on Dutch merchant ships at the age of 12. He joined a Portuguese expedition to the East in 1572 to escape the persecution of Philip II. The expedition rounded the Cape of Good Hope, visited India and Cathay, and was eventually scuttled on some rocks in the Iwami province in 1574. The ship sunk, and the crew was given refuge by the Mori. Several of the Portuguese sailors knew how to speak some Japanese, but not much Dutch. Erwin picked up a fair amount in four years with the Mori, and helped fight in both battles of Kizugawaguchi. Having spent six years on land in the same place, Erwin began to get restless, and moved about the country for the next two years. He eventually settled on trying to gain employment in Izumi province.

Inventory (not sure what to put down here)
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