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Role-playing Post stories, character descriptions, or role-play as your character here.

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Old 10-22-2005, 12:37 AM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name - Kamakiri
Age - 23
Height - 5'5
Physique - Slender but athletic frame, labor-tanned skin.
Appearal - Dirty brown hakama, with a forest-green vest.
Items - leather pouch at waist.

Kamakiri was born in southern Hokkaido. His father was a shipbuilder for a daimyo on northern Honshu, and his mother the daughter of a reputable Shinto priestess that was in the service of the same daimyo. His father was often away on labor jobs for the daimyo and Kamakiri was mostly brought up by his mother. He was taught rituals in the Way of the Gods.

Kamakiri is no stranger to hard labor, often while his father was away he was performing laborous chores even at a young age. Splitting wood, repairing damage after a storm, and other acts of carpentry taught to him passingly by his father whenever he was in town.

Kamakiri's mother died of illness when he was seventeen. Four months later during his eighteenth birthday, his father sent him a letter that he requested a labor job from the daimyo and for Kamakiri to take gather important family items, and to ride a boat to the northern part of Honshu where the daimyo resided.

By the time Kamakiri arrived, his father and the daimyo were killed by a naval raid from a rival clan.

Kamakiri went to his father's clan shrine and prayed to the kami. He placed a coin on the shrine, and donated his father's possessions to the clan.

No longer having any ties to the world except his knowledge of Shinto and carpentry, he set out to find himself a new life.

As of late has been seen around the lands of the Togakure...
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Old 10-24-2005, 12:48 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Gender = Male
Age = 21
Height = 5'11"
Hair = Black, shoulder length tied back
Eyes = Brown
Body = Toned
Skin = Slight Tan
Weapons = Daito, Wakizashi

Background info (Sorry my imagination is abit....poor to say the least, this is my first ever attempt at role play like this. Here it goes anyway)

He came from a very poor background in small rural village that made barely enough to support its residents. At the age of 5 his small rural village was set upon by the Daimyo and his samurai, taxes were not being fully paid and the Daimyo was angry. His Samurai set upon every villager without remorse. During to confusion of the raid, Kurosaki was placed on a horse by his mother and father. As he rode off into the distance the last thing he heard was the screams of his parents.

Through out the next 12 years Kurosaki was picked up by a caring ronin, who raised him like his own and began to train him in the ways of bushido. During his training his mind began to develop and he started to believe that he could become a Samurai that served the innocent, and protect justice. At the age of 17 Kurosaki left the care of his sensei and began to travel in search of his past and the Daimyo that attacked his village.

At the age of 21 his search stopped when he found out that the Daimyo had be killed in a fierce battle with a nearby territory. He now wanders from village to village helping who ever he can and making many friends throughout his travels.

//only just noticed that typo

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Old 11-04-2005, 06:57 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Ito Aihara
Age: barely eighteen
General Appearance: She has shoulder-length raven hair, with the tips kissed by a faint golden hue. Her eyes are of a honey gold shade which would sometimes change to a dark molten gold at stressing times. She has light pink lips and her nearly unmarred skin is lightly tanned. Outwardly she only looks like an ordinary petite female, but it would be unwise to deem her as weak. She prefers to wear a light purple wisteria tunic with black hakamas.

History: She lost her mother at the age of seven, and was taken in by three brothers from a nearby village. Throughout her childhood she has grown up in the presence of ronin warriors and was herself trained in the art of swordsmanship, but only with the ideals of to use the sword to protect and to never kill without reason. The art of philosophy was to guide her hand and sword so that she would not be labeled as a mere slayer.

By her late seventeenth year her village was attacked by a band of thieves during a spring festival and destroyed before her very eyes. Her brothers had ordered her to escape through the nearby woods, and she heeded them at the price that she never saw them again. But she returned the next day, and beheld all that was lost and unfinished. By her bare hands she dug a grave for everyone whether villager, thief or animal. Philosophy still took precedence, she was taught not to condemn the dead for their living crimes.

She still returns to the village, to pay respects and to murmur prayers that were meant to comfort her, but remind her that she should'nt have run. That she had a choice to stay and possibly save them even at the cost of her own life. Their deaths weighs heavily upon her frail shoulders, but she proudly bears them.

Now, she is merely a wandering swordswoman, passing through unnoticed, though her her golden eyes, drooping down a little at the corners leave an immediate impression on those who recieved her gaze. Strapped to her left hip is a battered sword, and many who meet her in the streets describe her as rather clumsy and absentminded. But, appearances can be decieving, can't they?
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Old 11-07-2005, 08:01 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Rei Saito
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'10''
Hair: Dark silver, shoulder length
Eyes: Green
Body: Athletic
Skin: Tan
Apparel: Black hakama, open black sleeveless hanten with kanji RYU in red on back.
Weapons: Tanto and Wakizashi at side

History: Not much is known of Rei's past, as he fled from his home village. Born and raised to study the martial arts with the residing monks in the village. However, the concept peace and nirvana had little appeal. He wanted more realisitc, personal gains so he stole what revenue the temple had and ran. From town to town he traveled causing trouble, getting drunk, gambling and enjoying life. Unfortunatly, his small gambling addiction put him along with the wrong crowd. He lost one too many games and accumulated a large debt with the owners in town. Ever since he has been running and avoiding trouble, making a living as a thief.
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Old 11-07-2005, 08:14 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Kaizoku Shinshi
Age: about 22 (he sorta doesn't know, but 22 sounds like a good number O.o)

Appearance: Wears a colorful kimono - seems to be many fabrics stitched together. Wears leather boots of foreign make, as well as foreign pants.
His hair is long and black; tied in a braid, held together with a silk ribbon. Seems to be greased with something. Obviously, Shinsi has pride in his hair. He also sports a small, triangular beard, well trimmed. Sometimes wears a bandana. His clothes always manage to clash, especially his bright, multicolored kimono.

Weapons/Equipment: Carries two ornamental katanas. Straps sewn to the inside of his kimono carry about six pistols, each with one bullet. When ever Shinshi goes on land, he also carries a bo staff. Only other possesions include small leather bags carrying trinkets and money. He also carries a pipe, which he smokes often. The stuff he smokes is unknown, it is also a foreign substance.

Background: Shinshi had humble beginnings as the son of a fisherman. His joy for exploration and sailing eventually caused him to run away and start up a pirate crew. They dealt mostly with the transportation of illegal goods, taken from the barbarian lands to the west. Gaining more and more power, Shinshi eventually proclaimed himself to be the Pirate King. By this time, his small armada gained power, thanks to his new business partners, the Ikko family. With their funds he grew more powerful and bolder on the seas - even raiding merchant ships and coastal villiages. His appearance is one that is easy to recognize - due to his strange kimono. He has only owned one kimono in his entire life. Whenever part of it gets worn out, he patches it with the richest fabric he has on hand (usually something stolen). This leads to an odd clash of colors, which he doen't seem to notice or even care about.

Personality: Shinshi is a pretty laid back kinda guy. Though a little young, he was able to recruit many followers due to his charismatic character. A little flamboyant, he enjoys wearing colorful clothing. He admires much of the goods he finds overseas, especially pistols, which he feels will be the future of warfare. His dream is to gain wealth, glory and fame through controlling the seas around Japan.
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Old 11-08-2005, 02:54 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Bout time i reposted my character huh?... been almost 4 months heh

Name: Wantsuno Hiramaki
Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Hairstyle: Medium Length
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin tone: a slight tannish color
Clothing: Black Hakama Pants, Deep Blue Happi Coat
Weapons: Anything he could make himself.
Occupation: Blacksmith (with a background in fighting to find the full potential of his creations)

Hiramaki was born into a family that has long held the traditions of great blacksmiths that were admired by their peers and the nobles of their region. Hiramaki’s father, Hiramaru, had urged his son to take up the family legacy and keep the traditions within the family. At the age of nine Hiramaki had shown great potential but his creations never held the gleam that his father’s had. Hiramaru told his son that in order to create the most beautiful and effective weapons he would have to study the weapon, how it flows, how it strikes, and how it sings. Hiramaru suggested that he go on a journey to study in as many dojos as possible and to find inner peace. Inner peace was required in creating the most elegant weapons that the Daiyamo's of long past had commissioned from their family.

Hiramaki left his home at the age of fourteen with a daisho created for him by his father. He was instructed to head out to the various regions and study their forms of swordsmanship and blade work. Hiramaru as told his son to help the innocent and protect the weak. His journeys brought him to many towns and to many dojos. He studied under many masters but he felt that there was more than what they could teach him.

He eventually found himself wandering up towards a monastary up on a mountain far from his home. It was here he came to meet a man who has seen many atrocities in life but who still holds some inner peace within. Hiramaki decided that it was here he needed to stay. That it was in this area that he would find what his father had told him to find. Inner Peace.
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Old 11-19-2005, 04:28 PM
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Default Re: Character Database

Name - Nodin
Age - 24
Class - A Leader in The Ikko Family
Family - The Ikko Family
Rank - The Founder of the Ikko Family
Height - 5'5"
Weight - 155 lbs.
Hairstyle - cut short
Markings/scars - a scar that runs down his face and bends around his eye
Outfit – cheap ringmail armor and geta sandals
Weapons – Katana and Tanto
Accessories– Poisoned blow darts and Dart gun attatched under his arm with a rag, also he carries a bag in which he keeps his many poisons. finally he carries his innovative 'Blood Poisoners' in a solid wood box that he carries on his back
Character History - A runaway who was taken in by a mountain hermit and taught the basics of swordplay, since then he has been... experimenting with the blade and has gained considerable skill. Also he found poisons enjoyable and took them up as a hobby, testing them on animals and humans alike.
Personality- He doesn't care what is 'morally right' or 'honourable' all he cares about is that it helps him further himself. He isn't really a people person, but he gets along fine. His rage is a severe problem and danger to him, as he often may lose control if a tentative subject has been reached and he feels insulted. He lies just as much as he tells the truth, so it is always a gamble on whether to trust this man in anything, from doing a simple job for you to not stabbing you right in the back. He also hates people who think he is a yakuza, but this is only because he knows, to some extent, that he is just like the kind of people he had to run away from as a child.

Name - Baka
Age - 16
Class - a wandering swordsman
Family - The Ikko Family
Rank - Bodyguard
Height - 5'0"
Weight - 140 lbs.
Hairstyle - left untamed to grow long
Markings/scars - a tatoo on his neck in the shape of a burning Sickle
Outfit – a kimono
Weapons – A chain, a sickle, and a katana
Accessories– A iron backpack full of oil ,cloths, and black powder. He also has matches that he always has on hand
Character History - A pyromaniac that has been thrown out of his village for burning three houses down in a 'accidental' attempt of making a small fire.
Personality- he has a fiery attitude and he normally has something going wrong with his many experiments that he has to complain about

Jin Yukimizake (New and improved version!)
Age- 20
Family- The Ikko
Rank- Servant of Nodin
Height 5'7"
Weight 154
Hairstyle: short, wild hair
Outfit: a set of ringmail armor under a peasent's shirt and A belt with a few pouches on it.
Weapons: Jin uses a composite long bow that he has been practicing with for his entire life and uses various arrows and he also has a katana on his back that he weilds with two hands.
Accessories: A coin bag with many trinkets lining the outside, producing a clinking noise. Also, a few smoke bombs, poisons, and some flint and steel are residing in his belt pouches.

Jin was born in a city into a slightly wealthy merchant family. Shortly after he was born his family was killed and his house looted in a raid. Jin was taken by the bandits and thrown out to live on the street, with nothing but his life. Shortly after that, his uncle came and took him to his house. This man was a assassin, and quite a successful one. After completeing his various missions he set about raising Jin as a assassin, and Jin took to it quite well. His skill with the bow came to him naturally and so that was what he was trained to use. He trained in the field with his uncle and at various archery ranges wherever he went. The uncle taught him how to use the arrows, distractions, poisons, stealth, and the mindset that an assassin needs to succeed before he left him for a mission and disappeared from Jin's life completely. Jin is now under the employ of Nodin Ikko as his right hand man for clandestine operations.

Name - Jin Yukimizake
Age - 16
Class - a wanderer
Family - none
Rank - none
Height - 5'3"
Weight - 160 lbs.
Hairstyle - just a everyday cut of Japan (not sure what that is ^_^)
Markings/scars - none
Outfit – a kimono
Weapons – A half length naginata
Accessories– a bag of coins, smoke bombs, and many trinkets dangling from his coin pouch
Character History - A free loader who has had a history of good luck and close escapes. He is a constant drinker and knows how to hold his drink, so he gets money from drinking contests and the occasional find. He is on the run from tons of inns, owing a gigantic some of money in debts for his favorite drink, Sake.
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Kumamoto Suzuki
Clan: Kumamoto
Age: 20
Height: 6'0
Body: Athletic
Hair: Red and black hair spiked backwards. (like the picture they have of that guys face on the mainpage of tatsumaki, but with the hair being red)
Apparal: A white under garment, black full length kimono, dark gray hakama pants and a dark blue haori.
Profession: Swordsman/martial artist
Weapons: A katana, short sword, and some other tools.

History: Suzuki grew up in the kumamoto village.

He was a great fighter when he was younger and still is, he fights using no set style. Some people thought he fought unfair or dirty. But in Suzuki's eyes, winning the fight by using everything to your advantage was how he saw a battle.

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Default Re: Character Database

Info (Sorry my English isn´t very good…I hope you´ll understand it anyway^^)

Name: Tachibana Takeo
Age: 15
Class: wannabe-ninja
Body: Athletic
Profession: agility,…
Eyes: brown
Skin: tan
Hair Colour: mahagoni (redbrown)
Hairstyle: medium length
Clothing: black yukata with pink sakura-samples, geta sandals
Weapons: his main-weapon is a tanto, he also uses all kinds of daggers, knifes,...kunai,shuriken
Accessories: a japanese foxmask, little bells bound on his neck, …

Character History:
Takeo was born into the rich Tachibana family living in Kyoto. His childhood had been very lucky…up to one night, in which Takeo´s whole family died in an assassination attempt. 11-year-old Takeo was the only survivor of this tragedy. Since the entire family estate was down-burned, he didn´t know, where he should go. He was sent into an orphanage, from which he escaped after short time again and left Kyoto.
Takeo regrets the death of its family deeply. He swore however no revenge at the murderers, on the contrary he strives them after. He wants to become also an assassin.

Personality: Takeo is a temperful boy, sometimes he seems also to be a little sensitive.
He is lyrically and artistically assessed. He loves poems, kabuki and traditional japanese music.
Sometimes he just hangs around, goes for a walk and thinks about everything.
Takeo is looking for friends, for a family, which will integrate him.

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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Chronor Ba'talisk (Cro-nor Bay-Tal-isk)
Age: 20
Class: Ronin
Body: Medium Build
Eyes: black
Skin: dark brown
Hair Colour: black
Hairstyle: Locks
Clothing: a black kimono with a red robe underneath, geta sandals (or boots occasionally),
Weapons: "Hogo"-Razor Sharp Katana and "Reppu" His main weapon a battle-worn bokken with an iron core.
Fighting Style: Not as strong or fast as most but highly acrobatic and notorious for having an unusual style. But greatest strength is his mind. (can read movements easily)

History: Chronor was born in Madagascar and at the age of 15 he took off to become a member of the crew of a trade ship. One day while traveling around the Indian Ocean, it was attacked by pirates. They killed his previous owners and the captain saw potential in the African. Chronor joined an soon gained a dark reputation for his acrobatic abilities and great naval manuvers as 1st mate. They landed in Okinowa where Chronor gained a small bounty on his head and couldn't escape before his ship left, supposing that he died.

While on the run, Chronor found safety in a Jesuit church. The pastor there told him about Jesus and Chrisitanity and he was saved while he was in sanctuary. The pastor gave a majority of his funding to remove the bounty off of Chronor's head. And to repay the pastor, he decided to be baptized, the pastor saying, "It's a small price to pay to save a soul..." Completely changed he decided to make amends by joining the military and putting his skills to good use.

Chronor's skills greatly outweighed his odd appearance in this new land. He rose through the ranks swiftly and eventually gained recognition from the Emperor. But when his friend was asked to commit suicide because of his failure, he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he might have to do the same. Believing that a life is too precious to waste he escaped Okinowa and traveled to the main land making a vow of Peace and wielding a bokken into battle.

While traveling he met an odd assortment of people including Jeubi, and aged martial arts master and several other characters. He traveled to Osaka with and eventually gained the reputation and thanks of many in the town after a raid from rival clans. (In the RP Revenge and Reward)

After the quest, Chronor's name vanished to time. He escaped into the mountains, mainly because there was nothing to do. There was no one to save, nothing to fight for, and so he took this time to train and find inner peace. But the land will never sit still, and once again the people are moving and there seems to be a new chapter to a new story.
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