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Old 11-07-2005, 02:02 PM
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Default Secret Record House

Post your character's biography here
Togakure Jin
Soke of the Togakure family
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Old 11-08-2005, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: Secret Record House

Name: Togakure Jin

Title: 23rd Soke of the Togakure ryu, leader of the Togakure family.

Description: A calm,cool aura can usually be felt when meeting Jin. He has a medium sized height and frame with an athletic physique from decades of intense training, mostly from the Togakure ryu. His short dark gray hair is pressed down and semi-spiked around. Usually he is seen wearing a hakama with natural-tone colors. He prefers wearing his shinobi shozoku (the traditional "ninja uniform") without the hood, but with a mask covering his nose on down.

Often times Jin is aloof, contemplating over his own thoughts and philosophies. He is also frequently late. Another thing heard about him is that he enjoys dango. When it comes to missions, fighting, family, training, or any other serious matter however, he is terribly focused. Nothing can really stop him in this state of concentration. Now in his mid-thirties, Jin has recently become Soke of the Togakure family after the passing of his uncle. In the Togakure family, being Soke also means being the leader of the family, so the title means much more than just a grandmaster of the Togakure ryu. As a result, Jin has inherited a demanding position that requires the most strength and dedication of character.
Togakure Jin
Soke of the Togakure family
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Old 11-08-2005, 07:45 PM
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Default Re: Secret Record House

Name - Kamakiri
Age - 23
Height - 5'5
Physique - Slender but athletic frame, labor-tanned skin.
Appearal - Dirty brown hakama, with a forest-green vest.
Items - leather pouch at waist.

Kamakiri was born in southern Hokkaido. His father was a shipbuilder for a daimyo on northern Honshu, and his mother the daughter of a reputable Shinto priestess that was in the service of the same daimyo. His father was often away on labor jobs for the daimyo and Kamakiri was mostly brought up by his mother. He was taught rituals in the Way of the Gods.

Kamakiri is no stranger to hard labor, often while his father was away he was performing laborous chores even at a young age. Splitting wood, repairing damage after a storm, and other acts of carpentry taught to him passingly by his father whenever he was in town.

Kamakiri's mother died of illness when he was seventeen. Four months later during his eighteenth birthday, his father sent him a letter that he requested a labor job from the daimyo and for Kamakiri to take gather important family items, and to ride a boat to the northern part of Honshu where the daimyo resided.

By the time Kamakiri arrived, his father and the daimyo were killed by a naval raid from a rival clan.

Kamakiri went to his father's clan shrine and prayed to the kami. He placed a coin on the shrine, and donated his father's possessions to the clan.

No longer having any ties to the world except his knowledge of Shinto and carpentry, he set out to find himself a new life. *

* I need some time to add how he joined the Togakure. And some other stuff. I will PM you Jin sometime in the future about it, and get your ok.
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Old 11-25-2005, 06:16 PM
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Default Re: Secret Record House

Info (Sorry my English isn´t very good…I hope you´ll understand it anyway^^)

Name: Tachibana Takeo
Age: 15
Class: wannabe-ninja
Body: Athletic
Profession: agility,…
Eyes: brown
Skin: tan
Hair Colour: mahagoni (redbrown)
Hairstyle: medium length
Clothing: black yukata with pink sakura-samples, geta sandals
Weapons: his main-weapon is a tanto, he also uses all kinds of daggers, knifes...kunai,shuriken
Accessories: a japanese foxmask, little bells bound on his neck, …

Character History:
Takeo was born into the rich Tachibana family living in Kyoto. His childhood had been very lucky…up to one night, in which Takeo´s whole family died with an assassination attempt. 11-year-old Takeo was the only survivor of this tragedy. Since the entire family estate was down-burned, he didn´t know, where he should go. He was sent into an orphanage, from which he escaped after short time again and left Kyoto.
Takeo regrets the death of its family deeply. He swore however no revenge at the murderers, on the contrary he strives them after. He wants to become also assassin.

Personality: Takeo is a temperful boy, sometimes he seems also to be a little sensitive.
He is lyrically and artistically assessed. He loves poems, kabuki and traditional japanese music.
Sometimes he just hangs around, goes for a walk and thinks about everything.
Takeo is looking for friends, for a family, which will integrate him.

PS: this is incomplete and i´ll continue, to write...

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utsurinikeri na
itazura ni
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Old 12-09-2005, 08:25 AM
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Default Re: Secret Record House

Not posting too much yet, I do however have a new name for my character

Mumeino Hito

Ill post more as I think of it/ becomes relevant
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Old 11-01-2006, 11:42 AM
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Default Re: Secret Record House

Name - Katashi
Age - 18
Height - Average
Physique - Slim, light, athletic frame
Appearal - Green, Marroon, or Brown Shitagi, Wooden Zori Slippers
(Shitagi resembles a kimono, hanging to just below the knees, with sleeves reaching the middle of the forearm)

Katashi was born into a peasant family, due to this he was given no surname. His mother was a rice farmers in his village off the coast of the sea of Japan, and his father was a fisherman, so despite his family's lack in fame and wealth, he ate well. His uncle had travelled much, he had seen most of Japan as a trader and had lived in China for a good portion of his life, and having made his way back to japan, he bore the knowledge of the fluid internal martial arts of Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Chi Chuan. Although he kept this knowledge a secret to avoid prosecution, having no son, he passed his training on to his nephew, Katashi.

He had worked alongside both his parents, fishing in the winter will his father, and farming in the summer with his mother, his spare time spent listening to his uncles stories, lessons, and training. This sparked his intrigue, his uncle told him to see the beauty of Japan, to travel across the great country, and see the world if he had the chance. His mother resented Katashi's decision to leave his home town, but supported him in his ambitions.

The last four years of his life at home was very prosperous, he saved much of the high grade rice to use as currency in his travels.

Presently, Katashi wanders Japan with a joyful disposition. He doesn't worry, taking life one step at a time and dealing with what he is faced with. People say his eyes shine with wonder at everything he sees, and he cultivates the perception of beauty, and cherishes it.

He has yet to meet the man to give him his surname, the one who will discover his potential and initiate him into the Togakure. And he has no idea of the role he will play in that clan's development.
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