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Old 09-12-2005, 01:10 PM
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Default Trade and Turtles [RolePlay]

Please make a link to your character if you have one described. Here's Kurun Ti-Sakezuki. Be sure to use the ooc tags when needed.

Kurun sat by the low table, which was riddled with maps and documents filled with Kurun's tight, thin handwriting. Kurun held a pen in his mouth while thumping between them. He muttered to himself as he worked, making the occasional comment such as "no, that won't work.." "Ah-hah! If we go through there.." "..Err... That can't be right.. Ah, yes, that's so.." ".. Umm.. 2 100 should do it.."

He was sitting in a hotel room in one of the small cities near the mountains. It was clean enough, and sparsely decorated, but it held all the essential furniture. Krurun stretched his neck and fingers. He looked out the window at the still rising sun. He heard a noise from outside his door.
"Come in" He said, happy for the excuse for a pause in his work. The landlord appeared in the door, his head bowed.
"Ti-Sakezuki, someone is here to see you. You can meet your guest downstairs, if it pleases you." He stood awaiting an answer.
"Yes, I will meet him there. Just give me some time to wash off the ink." When the landlord had left, Kurun washed his hands and his face, and then went down to meet the unexpected visitor.
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Old 09-17-2005, 02:42 PM
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Default Re: Trade and Turtles [RolePlay]

Heres my character description Kurosaki

Out from the darkness of the doorway Kurosaki enters the hotels lobby.
"I finally made it"

A small, portly man approaches Kurosaki, the landlord.
"Welcome to my small, but humble hotel, do you require a room for the night?"
"No thanks, im here looking for a friend of mine. Kurun Ti-Sakezuki, is he here?"
"Oh my, your his second visiter"
*His second visiter* thought Kurosaki
"Wheres this other visiter!?"

The landlord raised his hand to point at a dark figure stood in the opposite corner of the lobby who was looking directly at Kurosaki.

"Thank you, would you please hurry to Ti-Sakezuki and tell him to wait for me in his room"

A shocked and worried expression was now clearly visible on the landlords face, he bowed and made his way with some pace up the stairs. An un-easy stillness descended on the lobby as the figure in black took a step towards Kurosaki.

Kurosaki placed his hand on his sword.
"Who are you and why do you want to see Ti-Sakezuki?"

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