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Manga A Tatsumaki manga, created by Yagyu

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Default Munisai Character Biographies

Munisai Characters
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Default Re: Munisai Character Biographies

Hon'Iden Gekinosuke
Age: early 20s
Style: Tori ryu
Hair: black
Weapon of Choice: Bokken, Katana

Hon'Iden Gekinosuke (pronounced Geki Noskay - heretofore referred to as "Geki") Was born in Miyamoto Village. His family were prominent Gentry (Land Owners) in Miyamoto Village. Geki, though being born as heir of the family holdings, still was taught to work hard. Throughout his life it seemed that he always had things just fall into place for him. He grew to be a hansom young man of a mildly wealthy family, with a charming personality and even a natural talent at swordsmanship.

Geki befriended Munisai from an early age. The two became very close and Munisai - who had been instructed in swordsmanship from his youth - taught Geki what he knew. Geki, who never was very shy and always said what was on his mind, managed to win the heart of, and court, a woman named Osugi despite her age (she is about 10 years older then him). Osugi is a very beautiful woman who has managed to remain single thanks to the lack of single young men in the remote village of Miyamoto.

Geki wishes to become a great swordsmen and make a name for himself, unlike his friend Munisai who desires a quiet life in the village. However because things have always come so easily to Geki, he tends to slack off and not work as hard or practice as much as he should.

Despite Gekis relationship with Osugi, he's always on the lookout for an opportunity to leave the village and see the world.

Soon, Geki will get his wish.

And when he does, he may end up regretting it...

And because we all know ONE just won't cut it...

Ueda Mitsutsugu
Age: Mid 50s
Style: Yoshioka Ryu
Hair: Black with traditional samurai shaving and top knot.
Weapon of Choice: His Katana called the Kyodin; and Bo Shuriken.

Ueda Makoto was born in the village of Iga- A Forest village said to be unreachable by normal men. It is also said to be the home village of the Iga Ninja. Ueda himself was raised and trained by the Iga and was once one of their strongest most gifted warriors. However, Ueda left the Iga, claiming he no longer wished to live in shadows and death, but rather wanted to live in the light where people could know his name and praise his talents.

Ueda traveled awhile until the fateful day when he met one Yoshioka Kenpo. Immediately the two felt each others strength. Kenpo, who was having tea at a small stand at the time, invited him to sit and share a drink. Kenpo probed for information but found Ueda to be very tight lipped. He did discover that Ueda was heading for Kyoto - as was Kenpo who had been invited to meet with the Shogun.

Kenpo invited Ueda to travel with him then paid for the drinks. Unseen to any without a trained eye a group of rough looking men sitting at one of the outdoor tables immediately focused their attention on the size of Kenpo's money purse. Not long after leaving Ueda commented that they were being followed, though no normal person would have known. Kenpo replied that there were eight of them, and that they'd been with them since the tea stand. The two men stopped and waited. Their cover blown the thieves emerged from the shadows of the forest with their weapons drawn demanding Kenpo's money.

Kenpo smiled, then took the purse and dropped it to the ground, inviting them to take it. One of the over anxious bandits lurched for the purse only to be cut in half by Kenpo with a lightning flash attack barely visible to the eye. His sword already back in its sheath before the bandit split in two. The rest of the men shrieked in terror but all moved forward to attack. It was then that Ueda decided to show his skill. In the blink of an eye 4 of the men dropped dead with Bo Shuriken jutting out from their necks.

Kenpo smiled at the young mans skill as the cut the last 2 men down in one move. Kenpo and Ueda faced one another. Kenpo gripped his sword ready to test this mans skill further but to his surprise Ueda dropped to his knees and prostrated himself, asking kenpo to teach him the sword. Kenpo had been giving much thought to taking on a disciple. He smiled and agreed.

Ueda had become the first student of the new Yoshioka Ryu. No one seems to kno

Name: Lord Shinmen Sokan
Age: 50s
Hair: Black with full beard
Style: Tori Ryu
Weapon of Choice: Shinmen Ceremonial Katana

Lord Shinmen Sokana head of the Japanese clan of Shinmen during the Sengoku period (16th century) of Japan. Sokan was known as a rather petty daimyo in the mountainous regions of Sakushu, which was west of Kyoto. When he was younger he took a great interest in swordsmanship. One day a ronin known as Hirata Shokan came to Sakushu seeking to challenge the strongest warriors he could find. Lord Shinmen heard of this and decided to test just how strong this man was. He invited Shokan to his castle but the invite was a trap to lure Shokan to the castle where Shinmen had ordered his men to kill any intruders on site. Shokan approached the castle and attempted to tell the guards of his invitation. The guards laughed drawing their weapons and attacking Shokan. He easily dispatched them. Outraged and more determined he then took on the entire castle fighting his way all the way into Lord Shinmens audience chamber.
Finally coming face to face with Lord Shinmen covered in blood Shokan demanded to know why the lord had betrayed him. Lord Shinmen simply laughed and explained his reasons and offered Shokan a position as his Personal Sword Instructor. Shokan was outraged and flat out refused. Turning to leave the castle he caught the sight of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen standing to the sidelines. His heart pounded and his feet refused to move. Lord Shinmen who was no fool immediately noticed Shokans temptation. Smiling he introduced the young woman to Shokan. She was none other then his very own daughter. He then again apologized to Shokan for his deception and asked Shokan to not only teach him swordsmanship but to teach him Honor as well.
Shokan his temper now cooled by the fair face of Shinmens daughter agreed. After a year of serving Lord Shinmen, Hirata Shokan began to feel the urge to wander. Seeing that he may lose his treasured sword instructor Lord Shinmen decided to offer his daughter to Hirata Shokan as his bride. Shokan once again lured by Lord Shinmen agreed and stayed on for a number of years when finally his son Hirata Taketo was born. Lord Shinmen was ecstatic about the boy and the child stayed in the palace for a few of his early years. however Shokan realized that his son living in such an enviroment would become soft and spoiled. He could not allow a son of the Hirata clan to be as such. And so he explained his position to Lord Shinmen. Lord Shinmen would not hear of his precious grandchild living as a common peasant. And so Shokan and his family fled in the middle of the night. Settling in the village of Miyamoto and changing the childs name to Munisai. Shokan also took on an alias and for a couple of years they lived in peace. Shokan trained the child in the ways of the sword every day since the boy could stand.
However it was not long before Lord Shinmens spies had tracked Shokan down. Lord Shinmen knew none of his men could defeat Shokan and steal the child back so he hired the immortal Shinobi who was called the God of Monsters. None other then Fuma Kotaro. Kotaro agreed to assassinate Shokan for a price.
One night when Shokan was practicing Kotaro entered his dojo. He casualy explained his intentions and asked why Shokan had stolen Lord Shinmens daughter and grandchild away. Shokan explained it was for the boys growth. Kotaro found no fault with his logic and conceded that Shokan was a wise man. However Kotaro had taken an assassination contract. No matter how much he respected the man he was fated to kill him. The two men began to battle, it was a fierce fight, No one before had ever given Kotaro a challenge as such. But a Shinobi warrior is not known for fighting honorably and firing a poison needle from his mouth into Shokans throat the battle was over.
Shoken only having minutes to live before the poison reached his heart pleaded with Kotaro not to allow the child to return to Lord Shinmen. Kotaro merely walked out of the room. He then went into the house and dispatched of the mother. He looked at the young boy and something struck him. Shokan was right. There was something in this child something strong. Kotaro was intrigued and returned to Lord Shinmen.
Shinmen was furious that Kotaro had not returned the child. Kotaro simply gave the lord a hear chilling stare and told him that until the boy had entered into manhood he was not to return to the palace or know of his origins.
Lord Shinmen refused only to find Kotaro's blade at his throat. Lord Shinmen reluctantly agreed. Kotaro warned the Lord he would be watching and vanished into the midst of the night.
Lord Shokan has thus been awaiting patiently for Munisai to enter manhood to see his last remaining heir. He has been keeping tabs on the boy and now with time passed has realized Shokan was right. The boy has become a strong and powerful swordsmen. lord Shinmen could not be happier. He had always wished he himself could have been a great swordsmaster such as Hiarata Shokan. And now his own grandchild his own flesh and blood his Heir would be perhaps the strongest swordsmen in the Land.

With the Shoguns Tournement coming up Lord Shokan has decided it is time for the boy to embrace his destiny.

Name: Ryubara Yama
Age: at this time mid 40s or 50s
hair: usualy bald or short black, with a well groomed beard sometimes clean shaven.
Style: Tori Ryu as well as his own unique fighting style
Weapon of choice: Tetsuba. Yari. naganita. Anything that can take out the opponent with one huge crushing blow.

Ryubara Yama was very young when his family fell defending their lords castle in the Chaos at the outset of the early Muramachi period. Only he and his younger Brother escaped. Yama was very protective of his brother who tended to get into trouble often. As the two boys grew the found they both had great talent in the martial arts. Especially Yama whos immense strength and size give him an immediate psychological advantage over most of his opponents. After travelling the lands and in some areas even becoming local heroes, the two brothers eventually parted.
Yama traveled west into Sakushu where he one day met a man in a small village. There was something about this man that Yama instantly liked. And also something that Yama wished to challenge. The man Yama met was none other then Hirata Shokan. Shokan was a pleasant host and a wise man who gave Yama alot to ponder on. The next day Yama asked Shokan for a match. Shokan did his best to disaude Yama from his ambitions but Yama would have none of it. Reluctantly Shokan agreed and he and Yama went to the Dojo and prepared. Yama at the time was using a large wooden club. Shoken however had a small wooden Jitte. Yama was stunned he insisted that Shokan use a bokken or a bo staff. But Shokan had already settled on the Jitte.

Towering over Shokan Yama gave a loud shout and raced towards the man. Shokan stood his ground, not even a hint of fear in him. Yama brought his club down aiming for Shokans shoulder knowing he wouldnt kill his opponent but regreting that he might crush the mans arm. But his club never reached its target. Yama then felt the sting on his wrist, and looked to see his wrist wedged between the prongs on the jitte. He pulled the club back and dropped it to the floor. His nostrils still flaring from his charge.

Shokan merely looked up to Yama and said.
" You see my friend. The largest weapon isnt always the most effective."

Yama then let a long hardy laugh and proceeded to hug Shokan.
Shokans only reply was.
"perhaps you did win the match as i cant see a way defend against your affection."

Later Yama thanked Shokan and decided he had learned much from the man.
Shokan told Yama that he should go to Lord Shinmens castle as the Lord was always in need to strong men to teach him martial arts. He also asked yama to never mention his name to Lord Shinmen.

Yama agreed not wishing to pry and again with a bear hug and a hearty laugh lifted Shokan off the ground, bid him farewell and headed to Lord Shinemens castle.

Lord Shinmen was immediately impressed with the mans size and stature. After a small demonstration Shinmen hired him.

Yama has been teaching Lord Shinmens Samurai ever since.

But soon he will face a new challenge and learn a new lesson.

But Yama merely looks forward to such.
With a big smile and a big hearty laugh.
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