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Default Story - Heniuri Saito, the story.

Alright, Finally I made up my mind to rewrite this story, it is long, really long, you won't imagine how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. Well of course it's not a giant tripod or anything, but it's quite big, and, since it was just a rip of RK's OVAs(oh, well, it was the thing that made me love japand after all, and it was almost four years from now.) so I recreated everything based on what I did before

I gave up trying to make the paragraphs... I just can't in the forums >_>.
Of course it is a fictional story, it isn't THAT historic accurate nor anything, also some things I don't use the historical accuracy to add the environment

just in case: Original 07/2003 | Remake 02/04/2007

Chapter I

Chapter I (One) - The Beggining

1560, Okehazama. A nobleman walking amidst the rain. His name was Akechi Mitsuhide. He saw the battle of Okehazama, where the lord Oda Nobunaga sent his small troops against the Imagawa. Many thought that Nobunaga was a fool, and was lured by his own reckless desire, but he lured the Imagawa, crushing them. Mitsuhide just saw the man who he would serve and give his life to. This was the man that could bring peace to the world.
In that very same battle, there was a man called Sato. A young foot soldier with sixteen years, following his lord, Mitsuhide. He was with only a straw hat and a simple chest plate. His daisho was just like any other and his sandals were old and dirty. Using a simple wooden spear, he followed his new master as a mere bodyguard. Wearing white clothes and that black plate on his body, he walked alongside Mitsuhide and other three soldiers like him, as his bodyguards. Being the younger, he was always treated as a child by the others, but he did bear with it all the time, and he did not accept such nonsense to be called an offense to his honor.
The rain was getting stronger as the battle began. The turmoil of the fight suddenly disappeared with the heavy rain. The five men walked until a group of soldiers surrounded them. A group of thirty soldiers.
- Who are you?! – Screamed the said leader of those soldiers.
- I am Akechi Mitsuhide. – He said.
- Which side are you in? – The leader screamed again.
- We do not have a side, we are only passing by the battlefield… - Mitsuhide said.

Sato was trembling with fear since he never had a situation like that. Except one, the bodyguards were trembling. This one was a forty-year-old man, who held tightly his spear and daisho.
- Why are these soldiers trembling? They have nothing to fear if you are only travelers, that means…
- They are spies! Look! White clothes, the must be Uesugi’s troops! – one of the soldiers said.
- You are right! What are Uesugi troops doing here?! You must be scouts or spies! Soldiers, prepare to bring their heads back to our lord Imagawa, after our victory, we will be promoted! Ha, ha!

The soldiers laughed and prepared to attack. One of the bodyguards fell on his knees and started to cry desperately. Another one ran off, but soon the swords caught him and his body fell apart. Sato and the elder stood firmly while Mitsuhide with no worries just unsheathed his sword and said “Why do you rush to death?”. Sato trembling with fear saw three men running straight to him; he had only a second to think…
- Why is this happening right now? I joined with lord Akechi thinking that we would join with an army and fight fairly, or maybe stay guarding a mansion where nothing happens, but… This?! I never liked the rain, it makes me dizzy, and it’s strong now, it weakens me… I never thought I would die so soon and so shamefully…

The elder bodyguard kicked him and said “Don’t fear, we won’t die here. Lord Mitsuhide is not as weak as he looks.”. Sato couldn’t believe in those words, mostly because they were surrounded and there were three men at less than five meters from him. Desperately, Sato used his strength to pierce the head of one of those men. He was defenseless now, one of the men was already taking his sword up to cut Sato, then his hands fall along with his sword and the man kneel in pain. Sato only felt the slash, his lord protected him. Mitsuhide, then, decapitate him and cut the other on in half.
- You are Sato, right? Come on, help us out, Yusuiro already killed six, and now seven and you only one… The other one is hopeless now, he is a dull blade, now go and kill, you can… No. You must! – After saying that, Mitsuhide disappeared trough the soldiers.
Sato dropped the spear and took his katana. Staring at that weapon that he never used, he used another one, only once, to kill his own father, he would have to kill much more people. He had one last glance at that pure blade when a raindrop fell at it. That was the last raindrop it would have. What will fall in and from it will be blood.
Sato ran to those men, who looked at him scared because of his eyes. They had no chance, Sato slayed them as naturally as someone breathes. Arms and legs flew to the sky, falling fast due to the gravity. The very same gravity held Yusuiro’s head to the ground when it was supposed to fly away. Those men were desperately destroying his body. Yusuiro was now only a memory.
After killing the leader of the group, Yusuiro thought that they would flee, but they got mad, and as berserkers, they destroyed the poor old man’s body as it was the last thing on those men’s life. And it was. Mitsuhide, in a lightning speed slayed three with the same sword slash. Sato felt guilty for not protecting him and ran slashing and slaying them as they were ants who deserved that.
The savagery ended with thirty-two deaths in less than five minutes.
- So, what do we do with that man, lord Akechi? – Sato asked pointing to the man crying.
- Leave him here, I’m used to these people who get crazy with this stress, he is hopeless now. We can do nothing to help him, but let’s not kill him, if, by any instance, he recovers his mind, he may run away…
Oda Nobunaga won that battle with might. After, Akechi Mitsuhide joined up with him, and turned to be a powerful retainer for Nobunaga.
Although Sato had the life he wanted, to do nothing and live well being a mere bodyguard, his bloodthirsty was eating his mind. He needed to kill again. Luckly, soon Mitsuhide was sent on a campaign to take more lands. Sato went as Mitsuhide’s secret retainer.

Chapter II


Chapter II (Two) - The Last Breath of Honor

1575, Nagashino. As Mitsuhide was far away, Nobunaga had a great strategy to crush the great Takeda cavalry. The barricades and the muskets.
A young officer of the Takeda, named Kurame Sinji. He was twenty, and using a long spear. A brilliant man. He was a nobleman. Fully protected with his heavy armor. He didn’t know what those small and round pieces of metal would do. He and his friends charged with their might, as a last breath of honor. The great cavalry of the Takeda had been beaten and fell. The many who survived couldn’t stand. Sinji and the others went with their might to let their leader escape alive. Giving him a bit more time. They charged with their deaths assured and their honor unbeaten.
It didn’t take long before Sinji heard the low sound of “Fire!” and the loud sound of the muskets firing straight at them. He was able to see his best friend being hit by one of those small pieces of metal in the eye, and not die. He suffered and struggled. The others died by the bullets and the falling from their horses. Sinji himself only took a flesh shot in his left leg. He had to see his best friend cry and scream until he decided to die. He couldn’t commit sepukku. His arms and legs were broken in the fall and the only way was to decapitate him the way he was. Sinji never ever would forget that. Many hours later the Oda troops retreated, and the refugee hunters were killing every one in sight. Alone, Sinji couldn’t find any friend alive, the only one he found, soon was destroyed by bamboo spears and mad farmers.
Many houses and farms were burned before the battle, the farmers lost everything, so the only thing they could do was to take their revenge. Armed with bamboo spears, knives and everything they got, they hunted down any survivor of that carnage.
Sinji was alone, he had no one, nowhere to run. He was willing to kill himself, but his best friend’s last words would not allow him to. They were: “Please, Sinji, I want to go unforgotten, please live and make yourself a name, with our names…Please.”. With that in mind, he had to stay alive. He took his spear from the ground and the daisho of his best friend, in honor to him. He ran to somewhere safe, the refugee hunters were killing even the dead.
That was fate, it could only be fate. He was surrounded by an uncountable number of farmers with their eyes full of hate, weapons and clothes full of blood and bloodthirsty in their mouths, they found that samurai, standing there with blood all over.
- You must have killed many, or you ran away seeing everyone die, while they spilled their own blood in you! – One of the farmers said, pointing the spear to Sinji.
- No, I charged with my friends against the mighty musketeers of the Oda in a last breath to let our lord retreat, I saw my companions, my brothers die, side by side with me. I saw more then any one of you would ever be see. Now, if you want to kill me, then try, I will not die. – Holding his spear tightly while tears fell from his eyes.
- As you please, you damn son of a *****! – The farmer screamed and the others soon charged against that lonely samurai.

Sinji still had a chance to win, it’d be difficult, but he had to do it. As the farmers came, he just made a quick horizontal slash, killing at least six of the farmers who would only get angrier. He, then, slashed again in the opposite direction, killing more three. Stepping back, he pierced the head of more two of those farmers. At this rate, he knew it would take long enough to exhaust him to death.
After two hour he had killed almost two hundred farmers and was exhausted. Some of the farmers ran off, that was good, Sinji knew that their morale was dropping little by little, but the fact of one against hundreds made most of the farmers to stay there and kill him. Sinji, was more than exhausted after five hours, the sun was rising up, again for Sinji. Five hundred deaths, Sinji felt that his spear was about to break soon, if he was to use swords, the way he was it’d be impossible to get out of there alive.
The sun raised, and when Sinji noticed that, his spear broke. Soon the farmers got even happier.
- Now, now! The one who was finishing us is now finished! HAHA! Great, People, against a sword we will be able to charge all at the time! – His eyes were eyes of a demon, seeing right trough Sinji’s armor, where his heart was beating faster each minute.

Sinji, unable to do nothing anymore, just dropped the broken spear and took his katana. This was his final hour, when they all started to charge against him.
When those tens of bamboo spears were about to reach him someone screamed.
- You! You damn farmers! You’re not worthy of my blade!! But I, I will retaliate you all!!! – A man with a white kimono, white long hair, red eyes, a bloody katana and sandals.
This man rushed against those farmers killing them like nothing, slaying more than three with each slash. In some minutes he slashed all of them.
- Hey, who are you, kid? – Sheathing his bloody sword, looking at Sinji. – I see you’ve been fighting for a long time.
- I… I … I am Kurame Sinji. I lost all of my friends in our last charge against the muskets.
- Hah, what fools you were, charging against those muskets straight. Come with me, I will help you, it must’ve been hard to lose everyone and fight for hours against those never-ending farmers. – Showing his hand to help Sinji get on his feet.
- And… What is your name? – Sinji asked.
-Oh, it’s not important now, but I will tell you. I am Watase Kiyurusai.
They traveled and killed many until they got to a small house. Far away from any battlefield.
- So, is this your house? – Fainting.
- Sleep well, Sinji, at last… You were abandoned by your friends, just like me.
Seeing that he was still weak and couldn’t even protect himself, Sinji asked Kiyurusai to train him until he could find a lord, the said accepted and in some weeks Sinji began his training.

Thank you all for reading it Any criticism, suggestion, correction or anything, I will accept it wholeheartely ^_^

Why speak a bit Heniuri Saito if you can read his story right here?

"There are no flowers on your grave, there are no chains. There I keep chanting for the forgotten name."

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Default Re: Heniuri Saito, the story.

i liked it alot, need to prrof read a bit more but meh not that i can talk i can barely spell at all so good work hope to read more
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Old 04-20-2007, 10:50 AM
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Default Re: Heniuri Saito, the story.

Oh, thank you a lot my english may not be THAT good but it's... understandable, I think.... ._.

anyway, thank you ^_^ I'm going to write more soon, I was going to keep it up on easter but many things happened an school didn't help, it's all okay but it sucks, and also I'm pretty lazy to search another great battle with mitsuhide to continue... so... but I'll work on everythin this weekend, as I'm going to convince my father to create a paypal

Why speak a bit Heniuri Saito if you can read his story right here?

"There are no flowers on your grave, there are no chains. There I keep chanting for the forgotten name."
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