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Default Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table

Yama saw his opponant charging at him, and knew he wasn't going to be able to strike first, so he shifted his feet and assumed a stance he had developed around his great strength called "The Mountain Does not Fall." When the spearman thrust at Yama, he shifted his weight so the weapon barely touched him, but made it look like he was merely ignoring the impact as a stone would ignore a fly's bite.
Yama smiled at the stunned warrior. "Was that supposed to be an attack? Here, let me show you how it is done."

I am out of prozac and patience, and I have a .357

(translated to fit in with T:LAW)
Be wary, I am lacking both in mood and patience, and my blade is both fast and sharp.

(edited to fit for Yama)
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