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Default Re: Ninja origin.

With so many styles that were all quite similar, and so much cross training and borrowing of techniques.

It cannot be said that all Ninja were this All Samurai were that,
what is a Ninja ? what is a Samurai?

I truely believe that back then you were known by your school, ur Ryu, and ur Skill. Ninja walked the streets as samurai, they were one and the same

It all depended on what was their Job to the Daimyo.

Hatsumi's sensei's version of the history of the Ninja I believe is but one account of many different accounts. Things like why/if the swords were straight or curved etc are insignifigant, because maybe This Ninja used a broken or cut down Katana, maybe another used a specially made Ninja-To.

For the purpose of a video game its easiest to lump everything into 2 catagories, Ninja and Samurai but in reality I think its a lot more complicated.

Again im going to refer to the Book musashi which I think illustrates it best.
There was a character in the book that made a very brief appearance, the author never stated he was a Ninja, and described him as a Man dressed as a Samurai who tried to help Otsu when she was in danger, But the Author kept hinting that there was something mysterious about this persons presence. Later The Author refered to this character as a well known practitioner of a Ryu rumoured to be a Ninjutsu Ryu.

I think this was a very subtle way to inroduce a Ninja character in the book, and you never really knew for sure if he was or not.

I always end up confusing myself when attempting to talk on this topic, but I think what I am trying to say is that I believe Ninja or samurai are just stereo types for people In different jobs from different Ryu's

Just read BigNinjaPimp's last post and I have to say I think he better described the thoughts in my mind than I could

I used to be Bujinkan so I am not anti Hatsumi at all, But yeah I agree with BigNinjaPimp totally
One who is samurai must, before all things, keep constantly in mind , by day and by night….that he has to die.--------Daidoji Yuzan (16th Century)
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