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Default Re: Kumamoto Family - GuideLines?

Originally Posted by Shiro View Post
Probably not, I just want some sort of structure, that is appealing for Roleplayers and Realism Players. We could make it in game time or Remove it all together or find a valid solution.

I'd personally suggest readjusting it. Removing that would remove two important aspects being: a) the seriousity of our samurai about their skill, b) everyone should improve their skills with the sword - I noticed from attempting to roleplay in World of Warcraft how lazy people can get. It might be better to tell them they should do so rather than not.

Unless someone fetches a high spot, I'd be honored to personally give every samurai trainee the message ingame.

On second thought, of course - real life can come into your way. But that's just a question of readjustment of one's schedule.

I might or might not have made sense. If anything's unclear, beg you to point it out to me. I'm sure I can rephrase anything I said.
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