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Default Re: Kumamoto Family - GuideLines?

Looking good so far.

Just pointing out one or two things:

When a new player applies to join our family he must do chores for our family in order for us to take advantage of him and to get the respect for the other players in our family that does this everyday so that we can continue our existence.
This also allows him to make valuable contacts within the family leadership, befriend his fellow new members, and be familiar with local/clan geography and resources whenever he/she should climb into the higher ranks.

The kumamoto Family art/way of the sword, is for kumamoto only, teaching this art away to non kumamoto members should lead to banishment from the village.
Teaching others of the katas and other intricacies of our style of kenjutsu, jujutsu, kyujutsu, etc... should be treated as a gift. For example, teaching a kata to a ronin or ally in thanks for long years of assistance (still bound by the ) or a secret style to particularly honored clan warriors.

sales within the family will be discussed but samurai equipment should be free for family members.
By samurai equipment, I'm assuming you are referring to the articles of war: weapons, armor, etc. The maximum that the price should be is the cost of the personally owned (as opposed to clan) resources used in it's construction (no labor cost).
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