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Default Planning life in the Family.

I created this thread as the tittle suggests for us to say a little bit about what we are planning on doing in T:LaW and in the Kumamoto family. I believe that this way we can start getting a good base on what we are suppose to be doing and get to know our family members a little better so we could have a successful family. We could also comment on each other's plans to try to make it better.

Alright let me start.

First of all I would like to start by living in a community where I'm able to tame and raise horses and maybe some other type of animals (ummm Pandas.... nah I'll probably get executed for that). Anyway, I'm probably going to need some Hunting skills too in order to capture some of the wild animals that I want to tame but I really don't want to overdo it too much with the hunting skills since I'm planning on been a skilled Samurai. Hopefully when the time comes I'll be able to be a retainer for either Bai Kai, Shiro, or Yuir. I've never seen Bai Kai on and there's a lot of people who would like to be his retainer so I'm not 100% sure about him, but Shiro and Yuir are on so I would have to speak to them and see which one wants me more . If I do get to be a retainer then I would probably have to leave the taming idea behind and focus on my retainer duties and my training, but that's fine with me. If not then I'll continue with my horse farm, I think horses are vital if we are going to be a big family plus it would be really cool to be the horse supplier for the Kumamoto. And with time I'm planning on been one of the top ranking officers of the family that's why I'm planning on devoting at least 3 Hours (game time or real time depending on how busy I am) to my martial arts skills. That's pretty much all that comes to my mind right now. If anything else comes up I'll post it later.

And oh yeah, I can't wait to see that HUGE
in the horizon, surrounded by villages and walking people around when we take over Japan and Senshi's Shogun. (MUAHAHAHAHA)
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