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Default Re: New yagyu rpccg Suggestion box

Design a Tactic card Contest #1

Yagyu needs help he wants to see a really good and useful not up or op (under powered or overpowered) game text for a generic (means non style based so no yagyu, yama, shinto or chujo) Tier 1 tactic. The tactic can be any of the categories those being:
Attack tactic
defense tactic
support tactic
Non Combat Tactic

style tactics are closed currently (sorry sav )

I will choose the tactic i like the best at the end of Chapter 3. The winner will receive a free copy of the Tactic they made and the tactic will have their name stamped on it as a designer credit, plus the grandpprize winner will recieve a special item yet to be announced.

Be creative, think about what would be a useful TIER 1 tactic. Only 1 person can win and if only 1 person enters and the card sucks then the contest will be void. So lets have everyone at least give it a try. Hey its a free tactic if you win. Even if you dont, im gonna have a contest like this every chapter so by doing this now youll learn a bit and gain some experience in designing cards. And youll see what I go thru lol Keep in mind i have to design the whole game

I will match the picture but u get to design all the text stuff, stam cost, card name, ect.

Keep in mind about stam costs the lowest for a tier 1 is usually 2 and the highest usually 5. I reserve the right to edit stam cost if needed. If i feel i need to then i may pass on your card for someone elses, son try and be fair when u assign cost, not just thinking of your own character, the same applies for the text, dont just make a card that will only benefit your character. Thats the fastest way to get me to say NEXT lol.

So im looking forward to seeing all your tactics

Only 2 Submission per player
like i said we will have this contest every chapter now so.

Ok so get cracking. Start brainstorming, jotting down ideas and get those cards in before the end of chapter 4

The submissions is 2 cards per player, meaning you can submit 2 cards total, so like 1 attack tactic and 1 def tactic.

ALSO if i see some really great tactics i may go ahead and choose more then 1 winner BUT..

I will only choose 1 grandprize winner, who will get the card and a bonus special item yet to be announced
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