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Default Re: A personal update, and apology

Originally Posted by Philosophus View Post
sorry to hear about the troubles, but look on the bright side of life- like the song.
And dont worry be happy, things eventually clears up if they are meant to, stay tuned and positive and luck finds you sooner rather than later.

As a Small add to this, i have several web ideas and or ideas which can have serious revenues in it, but i myself lack the programming skills or knowledge to put them out forward without a pilar/ someone who understands how to set a business and or web idea live..
So if anyone have programming skills and know how to set up and sign a NDA for me, i am willing to share my ideas in order for possibilities for a revenue to support both myself and perhaps assist Tatsumaki which we all cherish and love so much in a conceptual view.
= this would equal a partnership should anyone partake in this challenge. Good tidings to all! Oh And Happy New Year! May change find us all.
Forgot to Add Contact info/ Assuming people would have ease doing so thru this forum. Can Reach Me On Skype : Birdness or Email : - Still have ideas and a need for what mentioned above. Title your Email With Ideas! To make it easy for me. Thanks

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