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Default Re: A personal update, and apology

Originally Posted by jaykend View Post
Sorry to hear things have been so bad.

With that said, I must offer a hard dose of reality. This endeavor could have EASILY been funded through kickstarter. That is just plain fact! I realize very well that Kickstarter was in its infancy in 2009, but someone should have made that effort.

For the love of god, a rehearsal studio I once used managed to fund an entire recording studio on kickstarter just giving free 3 hr block of time to people who donated $150.

This game would have been mobbed with donations. Any one who has ever been on kickstarter would tell you that.

It's a shame it didn't go that way. Anyhow, hope things improve for you Sykoi and let me know if it possible to get a refund once you get situated with the other games.

Best of luck to ya!!!!
The problem is really, development on this game dwindled in 2004 not 2009 and sadly Kickstarter was not a thing yet, even a few years ago Kickstarter was mehh, so many great projects never even got noticed and there is no saying Tatsumaki would not have been the same way.

The reality is you need something to show, and with the amount of work we did and scrapped, and redid and scrapped there really was not much to show (as you can see by looking at the tiny bit of content on this forum)

There is another issue that prevents doing a Kickstarter, integrity, Eyes Out Entertainment as a brand has 0 integrity, which is part of the reason I have been distancing myself from it in past years. I do not think a Tatsumaki kickstarter has a snowballs chance in hell to succeed even if we set it at something that is not even a fraction of what we need to complete a high quality MMORPG. Of course, I may be wrong, but I still have no interest in taking that chance with the EOE name.
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