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Default Re: A personal update, and apology

Sorry to hear things have been so bad.

With that said, I must offer a hard dose of reality. This endeavor could have EASILY been funded through kickstarter. That is just plain fact! I realize very well that Kickstarter was in its infancy in 2009, but someone should have made that effort.

For the love of god, a rehearsal studio I once used managed to fund an entire recording studio on kickstarter just giving free 3 hr block of time to people who donated $150.

This game would have been mobbed with donations. Any one who has ever been on kickstarter would tell you that.

It's a shame it didn't go that way. Anyhow, hope things improve for you Sykoi and let me know if it possible to get a refund once you get situated with the other games.

Best of luck to ya!!!!
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