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Default Re: New yagyu rpccg Suggestion box

Special Tactic -

Envision Surroundings - 5 stam cost

May be used once per chapter.

Until end of duel, player can switch to a different terrain type to change to different terrain bonuses they might have.

IE- you're in a forest and change to a dojo with this card - you lose forest bonuses for dojo bonuses
IE- having +1 att in forest and +1 def in dojo, if in forest, envision a dojo to receive bonuses for fighting in a dojo instead of a forest, getting a +1 def instead of the +1 att.

*Note* GM may choose to keep player from receiving certain bonuses due to a particular difficult terrain (IE: envisioning an open area to increase defense for dodging while on a rope bridge. For just act of calmness or such, it should be permitted)

On a realistic note, this is just imagining yourself in an area you feel more at ease in fighting in.

Support Tactic -

Do Not Fall - 6 stam cost

May be used once per skirmish. If an ally is defeated in combat, player may immediately roll a 1d4 - if 4, player may sacrifice a combat turn and revive their ally immediately with 1 Life, allowing them to continue fighting in their current duel.

"If you fall, I will catch you"

Note: This ability is essentially to sacrifice your turn by running to catch a fallen ally to stand them on their feet. The may then begin their attack round as if they were never defeated but just injured down to 1 life. Players can use this ability even if not active in combat.

On a realistic note, this ability is to catch someone who is beaten, as it is the impact with the ground that fully beats them and standing them on their feet can give them just a little bit more fight.
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