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Default Re: New yagyu rpccg Suggestion box

Generic attack tactic #1
Name: Awe of The Dragon
Stam cost: 4
Text: Add your Charisma to your attack this round. If you hit, your opponent is at -2 attack next round. Only usable once per opponant/duel.

"When the Dragon shows its true glory, even the mighy are humbled."

Generic defensive tactic #1
Name: Thorns of the Rose
Stam cost: 6
Text: Gain your charisma as a bonus to defense this round. If you successfully block an attack, the attacker takes 1 damage. You get a chance to block all attacks this round without regard to stamina. Only usable once per opponant/duel.

"Even the most beautiful rose has thorns that can wound."

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(translated to fit in with T:LAW)
Be wary, I am lacking both in mood and patience, and my blade is both fast and sharp.

(edited to fit for Yama)
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