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Default Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room

Updated Ruling on groups:

Since Bosses seem to die fast to groups involving Yama and/or Katsuro, they now have a health boost in group missions. This boost will be equal to the following formula.
Total of all levels of players in the group X 2

Example, Yama (L2), Uke (L2) and Ken'ichi (L2) = 6 Levels
Boss now has +12 life when fighting the group.

In addition to this all bosses have 1 (one) free heal per duel (not per player) not counting any items/tactics they may have to heal.

Players recieve a full heal just before fighting the boss.

So, to recap:
Boss gets 2x the total of all involved player levels in life and one free heal. Players are healed fully just before fighting the boss. This is not a card reset. Any one use (or one use per chapter/quest)tactics and items that have been used are still unavailable.


sorry uke, I am gonna make this a bit more restrictive for posts, Side comments are gonna be deleted, but are always welcome in the OOC. Just makes it easier to keep track of rule changes if we keep them to a minimum. No offense.

So As a forum moderator, I am going to say this thread is for Rule postings and GM applications and approval/denials. I'll go and clean up previous postings that don't follow this rule.

Yag, if I am off base with this decision, Let me know and I'll put all the postings back and delete this one.

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