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Default Re: Character Database

Tsutomu Tachibana

Physique: Average muscle mass
Clothes: Men's Kimono and sandals
Appearence:5"8, he is an average person when it comes to his body. He has long hair going down about 1/4 of his back.
Family: Tachibana Family
Job: He is the owner of a store. He works with his younger brother to improve society through the economy.
Skills: Born with a love of money he persued his love, therefore he has generally no skills meant for self-protection. He relies on the profit he makes from selling items to hire guards.
Way of life:He lives his life in a serious manner, being the older brother of his family he feels that it is his responsibility to provide for his carefree younger brother.
Personal History: Growing up in a poor village, he loved the money that he and his brother could manage to find. His younger brother was so concerned for other's welfare that he decided he would it his duty to support his family and make his brother's dream a reality. As he persued his merchant career, his younger brother persued the more subtle path of being a teacher. When he finished his apprenticeship he went back to his home town with his brother to start a shop and improve the life of his and those that live around him.

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