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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Chan Tachibana

Physique:Average skinny not to strong not to weak
Clothes: Happi Coat, Geta Sandals
Appearance: 5' 9" a light weight with Scruffy short hair (looks like he just woke up and almost was late to his class...again)
Job: Teacher of a school hoping to raise our kids into a bright future that will improve our community and economy a fun teacher not one you see often
Skills Basically everything a teacher needs to teach, cooking, herbalism, alchemy, farming basically all the basic skills our children need to know
How i live my life: basic and carefree. feels great honor in being able to raise our children to be smart wise individuals. a good person to trust in most situations.
History: As a child Chan Tachibana grew up in a poor village with his Big Brother. as he grew up learning all the basic skills he would need in his life like cooking and herbalism he began to notice how much he wanted to protect people and teach them how to live better so that's what he did teaching the children of his village to cook and what was dangerous es, him and his Brother who learned the art of being a good merchant was able to improve there standard of living in this poor village and made it seem nice to live in full of bright, young children smart and proud growing up to be good for our future together with everyone

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