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Default Re: Change is Coming

Originally Posted by Svage View Post
Thank you for the update Dex. I just came across a new Idea to help get you guys some money and get some interest in the site again. I am now an editor/talent scout for Resiliant Publishing, A company who's purpose it to give people a chance and a helping hand to break into the literary world. I'll post a new thread with contat info for me for anyone interested. And i will offer kickbacks in the form of donations to T:law for any author we pick up or publish anything that the are refered from this site or another T:law member.
Wow that is very generous Svage, I think I speak for everyone when I say it would be much appreciated =) Congrats on the job =)

So as an update I have some better news this week, I promise.

I am a little late to actually make it a week, but o well so sue me! I have finally finished tweaking the basics of the engine for screenshots, all that is left is to get some gui images made up (I may make them so they may be incredibly ugly, but will still show the functionality we currently have), wait until our temporary character model is finished animating and implement that, and put some content in to show off.

Screenshots are coming as soon as I can get them, I promise this is a priority.

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