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Default Re: Change is Coming

I would be willing to offer suggestions if the admin team would like to PM me.

I strongly believe the developers should focus all their time and efforts on producing a great game instead of trying to keep people happy on the forums.

A community team or PR team should be driving the forums and translating what the devs are doing. It seems the devs are keeping everything in their back pocket right now which is never good - it makes people believe nothing is happening.

Showing textures, models or anything you can encourages people to return to the website, after all you want people to keep coming back and get the word of mouth machine rolling.

I wonder if the reason for no content updates is due to staff shortages so there is a lack of productivity or it's just the attitude of it'll be done when its ready and you won't see anything till then. Unfortunately the latter gives a really negative vibe. Unfortunately the developers are not EA and can't ignore their player base... if they continue to do this a time will come where they have no player base, they could have the best game in the world but no one will know about it (pretty much like some good mods for various games out there).

You can't create a social media plan until you have content or plans for content so making a Facebook fan page does nothing except get more people wondering what on earth is happening.

I don't want to criticise as I don't have the in-depth knowledge but I hope the devs here are running this game as a business with a business plan, development plan and a marketing plan.

If its a serious project its no longer about making a game, its much more, its about creating a product that sells. At the end of the day we just want an excellent mmo
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