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Default Are the classics dying?

Myself being a supporter of the classics(both Western and Eastern) and opera, as well as being a fan of jazz, rock, rhythm & blues, folk music, some religiously stylized music, the occasional country song, techno, and traditional Spanish. In fact the only kind of music I can't stand is rap, after all I can speak in a loud and obnoxious tone in rhyme to very loud bass, but I don't because I find it absolutely revolting.
I'm not adverse to hip hop, however I'll only acknowledge something as hip hop if it has an actual musical value to it. I deny rap as music because it shames the traditional music and I don't really see how other people can enjoy it. I mean even if people understand the words they are still somehow attracted to it, even women for some reason, the songs are patronizing, even demeaning. I'm a man and I find them offensive.
This kind of thing is what would kill the classics, I don't even know anyone that plays a stringed instrument, other than the guitar, and what kind of kid wants to play brass? Today kids want to be rock stars or rappers, even though you actually can make more money in classical. Some of my favorite music is classical, I love to sing, and I don't see why people don't force their kids to try anymore. My country at the very least seems to have given up, and I want to put a boot in the face of whoever is responsible.
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