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Default Re: Secret Record House

Name - Katashi
Age - 18
Height - Average
Physique - Slim, light, athletic frame
Appearal - Green, Marroon, or Brown Shitagi, Wooden Zori Slippers
(Shitagi resembles a kimono, hanging to just below the knees, with sleeves reaching the middle of the forearm)

Katashi was born into a peasant family, due to this he was given no surname. His mother was a rice farmers in his village off the coast of the sea of Japan, and his father was a fisherman, so despite his family's lack in fame and wealth, he ate well. His uncle had travelled much, he had seen most of Japan as a trader and had lived in China for a good portion of his life, and having made his way back to japan, he bore the knowledge of the fluid internal martial arts of Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Chi Chuan. Although he kept this knowledge a secret to avoid prosecution, having no son, he passed his training on to his nephew, Katashi.

He had worked alongside both his parents, fishing in the winter will his father, and farming in the summer with his mother, his spare time spent listening to his uncles stories, lessons, and training. This sparked his intrigue, his uncle told him to see the beauty of Japan, to travel across the great country, and see the world if he had the chance. His mother resented Katashi's decision to leave his home town, but supported him in his ambitions.

The last four years of his life at home was very prosperous, he saved much of the high grade rice to use as currency in his travels.

Presently, Katashi wanders Japan with a joyful disposition. He doesn't worry, taking life one step at a time and dealing with what he is faced with. People say his eyes shine with wonder at everything he sees, and he cultivates the perception of beauty, and cherishes it.

He has yet to meet the man to give him his surname, the one who will discover his potential and initiate him into the Togakure. And he has no idea of the role he will play in that clan's development.
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