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Default Re: Secret Record House

Name: Togakure Jin

Title: 23rd Soke of the Togakure ryu, leader of the Togakure family.

Description: A calm,cool aura can usually be felt when meeting Jin. He has a medium sized height and frame with an athletic physique from decades of intense training, mostly from the Togakure ryu. His short dark gray hair is pressed down and semi-spiked around. Usually he is seen wearing a hakama with natural-tone colors. He prefers wearing his shinobi shozoku (the traditional "ninja uniform") without the hood, but with a mask covering his nose on down.

Often times Jin is aloof, contemplating over his own thoughts and philosophies. He is also frequently late. Another thing heard about him is that he enjoys dango. When it comes to missions, fighting, family, training, or any other serious matter however, he is terribly focused. Nothing can really stop him in this state of concentration. Now in his mid-thirties, Jin has recently become Soke of the Togakure family after the passing of his uncle. In the Togakure family, being Soke also means being the leader of the family, so the title means much more than just a grandmaster of the Togakure ryu. As a result, Jin has inherited a demanding position that requires the most strength and dedication of character.
Togakure Jin
Soke of the Togakure family
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