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Default Re: Info & Joining Thread

Yuir told me this was probably the best family to join for my plan lol

Ign: Kawazoe or Kurimuzon (not sure what one i want)

Goal: To be the best sword smith in the whole game

Profession: Sword smith (I may learn to fight later but not for a long time)

Personality: I guess i would have to say social, friendly and if someone that im in a family with gets in a problem then i will help them out

I will probably be pretty active on the forums but i cant promise anything

From what Yuir told me Kumamoto sounds like a perfect fit for me

And from what i said before weapons (mainly swords) will be my focus and there will be tax breaks for family members and whoever will help train my npc's will get some weapons close to cost (talked with a dev alot yesterday (1/13/11) and he said that he wants to get the npc's to learn what we teach them to do)
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