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Ok i know i shoulda been in bed by now but i couldnt post Munisai without his arch rival to be.

Yoshioka Kenpo

We chose Kenpo instead of Kempo because its more historically accurate.

Now for his Bio


AGE: Mid 40s Style: Yoshioka Ryu
Hair: Black but keeps it shaved usualy sometimes only leaving his top knot.
Weapon of Choice: The Yoshioka Family katana.

Kenpo was born into the Yoshioka clan but not as a swordsmen. While the family held a Samurai lineage they had become well known Dyers in kyoto. Becoming more merchant like and all but abandoning their roots. But Kenpo was different from his family. He showed he had the blood of his ancestor Samurai burning fiercly inside him.

As he grew to manhood he practiced relentlessly in the Kyohachi Ryu. One of the eight famous sword styles of Kyoto. As he wandered the land he quickly gained fame being known for his strength but not exactly for his honor. Kenpo was a fierce fighter who rarely let an opponent live.

Despite his ruthless nature his name came to the attention of the Ashikaga Shogun. The Shogun invited Kenpo to the palace and allowed him to demonstrate his swordsmanship. Kenpo bragged that he could fight the Shoguns five best warriors. The Shogun was intrigued and allowed him to face his five strongest men.

Kenpo armed only with his sword against an assortment of weapons, dispatched the five warriors in less then a minute. The Shogun was so impressed he did not even notice Kenpos merciless nature.

He hired Kenpo to be his personal Sword Instructor and gave him a grand Dojo. Kenpos fame spread throughout Kyoto and he quickly had many students lining up to learn his style which he had varried and now called the Yoshioka Ryu.

Years past and Kenpo's name became feared by many, admired by some, and respected by all.

Except for the Shoguns son and heir.

The Shogun had become good friends with Kenpo and showed him great favor, because of this the Shoguns son Yoshiaki came to hate Kenpo. The harsh sword lessons that seemed more like abusive beatings did not help matters. When the Shogun passed away (Official Cause Sudden Illness) Yoshiaki who had now gained the support of one Oda Nobunaga was given the title of the new Ashikaga Shogun.

Kenpo is a harsh cruel and scheming man who will do what ever it takes to win, regardless of the methods or who it harms. He is a driven individual goal oriented and feared by most who come into contact with him.

With the appointment of the new Shogun Kenpo's position as the Shoguns Sword Instructor is now in jeapordy as may be his life, his clan and everything he has worked so hard to build.
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