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Default Re: Tatsumaki Mange

Ladies and Gentlemen. Killer Rabbits and Cows.

I give you the MAIN character of the Tatsumaki Manga.

Meet Hirada MUNISAI Taketo.

Age: Early 20s. Style: Tori Ryu

Hair: Black Weapon of Choice: Katana and Jitte

Hirada Munisai was born in the village if Miyamoto to Hirada Shokan. Munisai does not remember much of his childhood but his mother died shortly after his birth. His father Shokan began instructing him in the ways of swordsmanship from an early age. Minisai took to it like a natural. But in Munisais preteens Hirada passed away. offical cause of death was said to be sudden illness.

Munisai continued training and quickly mastered his fathers style of swordsmanship the Tori Ryu. Munisai also showed himself to be adept at wielding the Jitte. A iron truncheon weapon used by the law enforcers of the time. Munisai quickly became freinds with one Hon'Iden Gekinosuke.

Munisai is well liked in the village of Miyamoto despite his love for the sword.
While Munisai does tend to be very helpfull to the Villagers of Miyamoto he is very strict when it comes to his rigorous training. Few understand why he is so enamored with the sword but the truth of the matter is even Munisai does not know. It is as if the sword is in his blood.

Munisai's only visable fault would be his secret desire for his best freinds girlfreind Osugi. Munisai however keeps these feelings hidden from all but sometimes Osugi can see through his hard exterior.

Munisai would like nothing more then to settle down in the village and live a pecefull life with a son to call his own. It has always been his greatest desire. But Munisai is an honorable man and so he hides his feelings and allows his best friend the happyness he secretly covets.

Munisai is a good man with a good heart.

But soon all that will change...

I will be posting little bios on the characters with concept art as I finish them. I did this one this morning I didnt sleep yet was too excited now that Vahn already edited the first chapter of the story. So keep your eyes glued to this thread and we will be updating regularly with cool new pics and info on the story. Once we get some more team members we will be able to get you all some story pages. We really need an Inker and Letterer, color can be skipped if need be but will be missed. OR if we can get a colorist whos good enough with photoshop that he can take the pencils and paint/color around them so it looks good that will work as well. If we dont find someone the comic will be all Pencil
so pleeeeaaasse someone with talent contact me or vahn

Also if you dont wanna use the farmer pic to show me what u can do you can use any of these bio concept pics i post.

OK im out catch ya later with more goodies
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