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Default Re: [Q] Sexual equality

"Were there any female members of the privileged social category of buke (aka “samurai class” as it is casually and loosely defined in the Western world) in the Japanese history who also practiced and possessed established martial arts skills?"
"Yes, there were, in fact, many. Those female martial artists were called “onna bugei-sha.”

"Tomoe Gozen captured the city of Kyoto in Japan in 1584 after winning the Battle of Kurikawa. She was described as being a strong archer and excellent swordswoman."

"Hojo Masako (1157-1225), wife of Minamoto Yoritomo and known as the "nun shogun". In keeping with customs of the time, Hojo Masako became a Buddhist nun upon the death of her husband in 1199. After Yoritomo's death, Hojo Masako along with her father and son, usurped the real ruling power from her dead husband's ruling Minamoto clan to her own Hojo clan. Her efforts gave the Hojo clan true power over the now 'puppet regime' Minamoto clan."

"Female ninja were classified as part of the kamae of sui (water) and were cultivate to manipulate energy through preying on increased feelings of emotional satisfaction; like the ocean, they would draw out, only to come back, like a wave at riptide, in unexpected ways. these women, or kunoichi as they were called, were given special training in psychological skills and intuition. Taught to manipulate men high-up in the enemy hierarchy, they were known to conceal blades inside musical instruments and sex toys. Shimma kunoichi, ninja family members, were trained as spies who were taught not to fall in love with their targets or lose sight of their ultimate goal after successful seduction."

"The naginata is a Japanese curved spear. Since the 15th Century it has been the traditional weapon of ladies of the bushi class."


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