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Yagyu 01-10-2010 12:12 AM

New yagyu rpg ccg game table
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Here is where the new rpg will be.

Yagyu Chronicles Book II

Chapter 1
Invasion of Yamato

Coming Soon.....

Who will survive the WAR

Yagyu 03-21-2010 09:07 PM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
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The explosion rocked the entire castle. Yagyu Jubei, the young lord of the Yagyu Clan of Yamato opened his one good eye and rose to his feet instinctively arming himself with his Katana. He ran to the window.

In the distance he could see fire and smoke rising from one of the border houses on the edge of Yagyu Valley. Then another explosion was heard as another house lit up in flames and smoke.

Someone was attacking the village. And after the villagers had just gotten everything fixed from the Fuma ninja invasion.

Was it the Fuma attacking again now that they have discovered they never did steal the real Tengu scrolls?

Jubei quickly dressed and listened as the alarm bell in the castle began to ring. Shouts followed as all the members of the Yagyu clan raced to prepare to repel the invaders.

Jubei finished preparing quickly and ran to the main audience chamber.

Old man Yagyu stood speaking with 2 other older men.

One was Jubei's uncle and first sword teacher, Yagyu Shigenaga. The other was Jubeis second sword instructor and master of the Katori Shinto Style Kantori Shinjuro.

"Father, the village is under attack, do we know who is invading us?"

Shigenaga looked at Jubei, like jubei he only had one eye, the other lost in a sword fight long ago. He was angry when he had heard Jubei like him had lost his eye in a battle, but felt some pride for his student and nephew when he learned that Jubei's opponent was none other then the Lord of monsters, Fuma Kotaro.

"It is impolite to interrupt boy, even in a time of crisis such as now."

Shigenaga had always been stern with Jubei. But it infuriated him even more when Kantori Shinjuro contradicted him.

"It is always prudent to ask questions and gain the information one would seek however. And to answer your question young one, we do not yet know."

"Father, allow me to take an advance unit to find out who they are and to try and protect the villagers until the army can assemble and aid us."

The old man, Yagyu Ieyoshi turned his head, his grey hair had a eerie glow when the light from the candles hit it.

"Fine, but be careful, you are the lord of the Yagyu now, if you are lost so is the clans future."

Jubei knew this wasnt true. Just his fathers concern, concern of which he had only been showing since jubei was officially named Daimyo lord of the Yagyu.

Jubei turned and dispatched several messengers to the nearby houses and rooms where he knew of the perfect warriors, and the only people who would be crazy enough to follow him and the small group he would lead, against what could be an entire army.

several minutes went by and Jubei could see 3 more houses burning. The invaders stopped using explosives, and had switched to pillaging and spreading the fires that already burned.

This meant they were saving any other explosives for their assault on Yagyu Castle.

His thoughts were interrupted when he saw his friends running towards the rendezvous point.

He could make out who had come. His cousins Yagyu Katsuro who had been through many adventures with him since their childhood. Yagyu Ken'ichi, who had just returned the day before from a spy mission assigned to him by the old man.

He could see his old friend Ryubara Yama chugging his sake gourd, getting his spirits up for the fight ahead.

He was surprised to see another long time friend Hozoin Inei, who moved with more grace then Jubei had remembers him capable of.

His faithful retainers Tsuyosa Kado, Ishimaru Kazuki and Miyamoshi Motonosa
all followed, all ready to give their lives if needed to protect the Yagyu people.

"My friends, I am glad you came. We have no time to waste so here is the rundown. You all know about as much as I do. Someone is attacking the village outskirts. From the look it could even be an army. This doesnt feel like a Fuma attack. They would have penetrated deeper before announcing their presence. Whoever they are we must repel them. Now lets hurry and find out who we are up against."

The party shouted their compliance and followed Jubei's pace. After a short run they came upon the carnage.

Villagers ran in every direction screaming as Samurai clad in various colors used swords and spears and arrows to slaughter anyone who they could.
4 More houses were burning and the ground was covered in the corpses of those who had already fallen.

Jubei exploded with anger and charged.

Several Samurai noticed the team and engaged them in battle.

CecilArcelle 03-28-2010 09:40 PM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
Ken'ichi frowned as he observed the corpses of the fallen. The attackers spared no one, not even the women and children. There was a point in killing them, Ken'ichi was sure. Watching Jubei charge into battle, the reason seemed apparent. Why not kill the villagers to anger them and make them fight recklessly?

Ken'ichi would have continued to study their unknown enemy, had one of the enemy men not charged him. He brandished his tessen. Maybe he'd learn something useful when the man was dead.

Zekeen 03-29-2010 12:43 AM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
Katsuro stumbled forward ahead of the group once the samurai had seen them and made their way for them. He leaned forward, looking at them as if they were much further away than they were. He blinked repeatedly as he did it, trying to maintain his hold on the ground. He spoke angrily at the samurai in front of them.

"OI! ...... Who... Who're you?...... What're you doing here?... huh?! .... HUH?!"

The slur of his voice made it suddenly apparent, Katsuro was absolutely drunk beyond comprehension. He reached into his coat and pulled out a sake bottle that he tipped up to drink from and then tipping it up to the top again and again, obviously he had run out after drinking himself so drunk. Embers from the houses landed on his shirt and he seemed to moderately panic and brush it off as if it were an everyday annoyance for him. He turned back to the samurai, stumbling to the side as he brandished his massive nodachi and shouted at them. He had no idea what was going on, but he thought he didn't like the way they looked at him.

"OI! Who are you?... waking... waking me up!... huh!?.......""

He picked out one of the samurai as his target, though to Katsuro, he thought there were three.

Svage 03-29-2010 07:55 AM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
Yaha, took another swig from his jug before stoppering it and slinging it over his back by its rope. He stepped to the side of the party to give himself some room to swing and limbered up his arm with a swing of his tetsubo. The weapon was designed to be 2 handed in a normal man's grasp, but Yama easily swung it in one.
"Well, lets see who want's to fall before the Mountain tonight?" he said with a laugh. "I do hope this won't be a boring fight. They only brought one army, I guess I'll have to share with the rest of you."

Kado Tsuyosa 03-29-2010 03:26 PM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
Kado looked across the group of fighters, and back to the forces attacking the village. He eyed one up from a distance and softly spoke
" who ever would choose to attack our village will be struck down with my blade be it Fuma, Demons, or even Monks. Prepare to enjoy your trip to the abyss"

CecilArcelle 03-30-2010 12:35 AM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
Ken'ichi smirked as the man charged him. He obviously thought he had the advantage, but Ken'chi knew better. The man's charge way sloppy, a blatent attempt at trying to scare Ken'ichi into making a mistake. "I don't make mistakes..." Ken'ichi whispered as he sidestepped the man and quickly smashed his tessen into the man's neck. The man smashed into the ground, dead.

Ken'ichi slinked back against one of the still standing houses. These men were not so formidable against an opponent that knew how to fight. It was then that he saw the archer taking aim at the drunk. An ally was an ally, no matter how useless they were in battle. At the very least, they made a good target.

Quickly moving from house to house, Ken'ichi started to close in on his target. His focus was so intent on the archer, that he almost didn't notice the man with the sword coming at him. Ken'ichi whirled on the ball of his feet to face the new threat.

Yagyu 03-30-2010 12:35 AM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
A Samurai warrior charged at Jubei, with a flash of light reflecting the fire from the burning houses, and a sound of a blade unsheathing in a batto style, the Samurai stopped. Jubei stood in a perfect frozen pose, his sword held out to the moon in his right hand, his left hand holding the upper part of his sheath.

A few heart beats went by, and the Samurai fell to the ground.

Before he could even catch his breath he saw a second wave charging, and behind them a unit of Archers preparing to fire on him and his friends.

"WATCH OUT, they have archers with them!" he shouted to his men.

He fixed his gaze on the nearest Archer and with his Katana to his side began rushing towards the marksmen.

Svage 03-30-2010 01:05 AM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
Yama saw his opponant charging at him, and knew he wasn't going to be able to strike first, so he shifted his feet and assumed a stance he had developed around his great strength called "The Mountain Does not Fall." When the spearman thrust at Yama, he shifted his weight so the weapon barely touched him, but made it look like he was merely ignoring the impact as a stone would ignore a fly's bite.
Yama smiled at the stunned warrior. "Was that supposed to be an attack? Here, let me show you how it is done."

Kado Tsuyosa 03-30-2010 01:43 AM

Re: New yagyu rpg ccg game table
As Kado's opponent he had eyed up earlier charged him Kado ran at him too but instead of meeting the attackers blade Kado slid underneath and slashed his opponent from behind killing him in an instant. As Kado slashed through his body he saw something fall out. " Don't mind if I do" Kado said as he picked up 5 ryo.

Kado looked down at the attackers eyeing the archers and some somewhat faster samurai. "you're next big boy" Kado spoke stairing down a near by enemy.

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