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Yagyu 04-12-2010 06:05 AM

New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
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Here is our Gm room where i will post Rules for gms, themes to be used each chapter for quests and solos as well as the prizes available.


Gonna take some tweaking and fine tuning as we play solos and quests thru the first chapter. So u can give me feed back and well see what we can do to fix any problems that may arise. I have made things a little more strict to prevent crazy quests that tend to tick off some players, prevention of players getting overwhelmed by npc after npc and insane loots or treasure that just dont make sense or fit. With this system everyone will run different stories but they will include the same npcs so u will know who u r fighting and what spoils you will get.

These chance rolls for rare drop loot only occur during Group Quests NOT Solos.

You will notice on the mini boss npcs they have a special loot they drop with a 1d6 chance. You guys must be in a group to make this chance drop roll.

A group MUST consist of 3 or more players. Sorry no duos. If were gonna do this i want everyone to be having a part. Otherwise we end up with 1 or 2 players who r several levels higher then everyone and i get ppl complaining to me that things arent fair. lol

I will post more info on themes as i work on more npcs but right now the two themes gms can use to make a story around is

Theme 1
Bandits Theme

Gm uses one level 1 bandit, one level 2 bandit, and 1 level 3 bandit leader. so each player fights one lv 1 and lv 2 npc and everyone fights the lv 3 npc.

Theme 2
Miyoshi Soldiers Theme

Gm uses one level 1 Ashigaru, one Level 2 Samurai, one level 3 Officer all from Miyoshi Faction. so each player fights one lv 1 and lv 2 npc and everyone fights the lv 3 npc.

Theme 3
Ninja Theme
Each player of course only fights 1 of each of the lev 1 and 2 npcs and everyone teams on the lev 3 npc.

Theme 4
Yagyu dojo

This is a more structured theme. Players may enter the yagyu dojo and challenge the first level of the school. They WILL AND MUST fight each level in order 1-3. Matsuda Muneshige is the Jr Instructor so be sure to read his gm notes. He also has 2 rare loots that players may be able to get *see gm notes on matsuda)
The Story is a little restrictive in this because its a basic training run. Players can solo or group this but as always the rare drops only occur during a grp.

Them 5 Hozion Temple theme
This theme REQUIRES at least 1 level 2 player.
This is because the monks hit first on average cuz of high speed, and they hit hard. Very very hard. If a group is playing this theme then you can roll the 1d6 (drops on 6) chance for inei's weapon, the jumonji spear.
Gms must come up with a proper story but PLEASE FOLLOW THE GM NOTES as best you can. If your doing wierd stuff again i will have ppl complaining to me.

Theme 6
Miyoshi II

This theme is meant for level 2 players and up. If a level 1 player is in a group with at least 1 level 2 then its fine. The boss is the captain, th npcs are the archer and the berzerker. The captain has a drop chance of 1 in 6 special Iron ring of the Miyoshi. (Drops on a 6 and only if during a grp quest).

Theme 7 NEW!!
Koga Ninja

You may now use the Koga ninja theme. Dont use the 3 rings, the bentenrai brothers. They are closed.

you can have the player or players fight the npcs in any order BUT THE LEVEL 3 MINI BOSS MUST BE LAST. Because players are fighting for the right to challenge them for the higher xp and or Loot drop chance.

Ill let you know soon if im going to have a limit on solos or groups. Im still deciding

There will be a special card players can get by completing one full solo and one full group. I will release the card soon as i make it :P

Players also earn the following

1 Solo 1 Merit
1 Group 2 Merits

Gms earn 2 Merits for each solo or group they run, and they will also earn a special GM only Item i have yet to make. So if u want the gm only item u gotta become a gm.

Gms will need to complete at least 2 solos and 1 group quests to earn their special Gm Item.

So thats the ideas for now. Be sure to confirm here if your a GM and if u want to be a GM feel free to apply here.

GM Application:
Are you reliable:
Can you meet the Quota each chapter?
(chapters can be 2-4 weeks long)
Are you creative:
How old are you:

If you fill out an app i will assign you to do a test solo for one lucky player who will review your quest and tell me what they thought. U must use one of the selected themes.

So again more themes coming soon as i make more npcs.

Below you can see the rare loot drops the mini boss's are dropping.

Weapon break rules
After some testing we decided on the following rules for weapon breaking.
If a players non bound weapon is broken or an npcs, that player still uses the weapon thru the duel with the npc or player.
However upon defeating the npc or being ko'd the weapon then is deleted from deck.

Now here is how not to get screwed by this. If you have defeated the npc or a previous npc u may replace your broken with 1 Non Special drop weapon.
So if its the same weapon as your which is always ideal u dont gotta delete just state u drop your weapon and take the new one.
If there is no same weapon as u had then u must delete old weapon and take a replacement from whats available. Solos and quests are designed so that only bosses will try and break your weapons. So dont worry about never having a weapon, youll always be able to take one of the ones from the thugs u already beat.

However if u have to loot a weapon if yours broke you take a hit of - 15 xp. And each base stat action for att and def without a weapon costs 4 stam Ouch.

The only way to prevent deleting of your weapon is to have it bound. Check level zone for the costs on this.

So Jubei had his sword broken in my solo, but i finished off the boss and was able to take the Weapon from one of the lower bandits, but i took a hit of 15 xp.

If you completely lose your weapon and must fight hand to hand each base non tactic non weapon att or def action will cost you 4 stam.

Player Quest Item awards Release
In order for a player to achieve this award they need to complete 1 Solo and 1 Group quest.
Chapter 2's award is a rare full tekko hand guard glove.

GM Quest Award Release
In order for a GM to earn the reward they need to give 2 Solos to 2 different players and 1 group quests.

These awards are only available THIS CHAPTER!!!
So work hard and earn them.
the GM award is the full glove tekko of the Miyoshi
The players can earn ONE of TWO awards. the forging hammer, or the caterpillar tsuba.
IF they earn one they may only earn the second if they meet the quota once again.

Generic Theme Npcs
To use a generic theme npc you MUST switch it with a themed npc in the theme you choose who is the same level as the generic npc you wish to use.

Also beware, you may only wanna use 1 generic beast npc per theme quest, cuz the generic beast npcs tend to be hard and can deliver up to 2 dmg per their att round.

The Player quest award and the GM award will not be avialable once the chapter starts on monday. So this is your last weekend to finish up your quest quota to get the items. They will be replaced by 2 new items.

CecilArcelle 04-12-2010 09:09 AM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
Before I say yes or no, can GMs also do solo and group quests to get the items? :)

GM Application:

Name: Michael Fuchs (CecilArcelle)
Are you reliable: Yes
Can you meet the Quota each chapter? Yes, though, how do we know when people want to do these quests? Also, if there's more than one GM, will there be enough events?
(chapters can be 2-4 weeks long)
Are you creative: Yes. I write fantasy fiction, and I'm also currently working on a game development project as a writer
How old are you: 18

Yagyu 04-12-2010 06:31 PM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
U can enter a solo or grp as a player if another gm is running the grp. Of course lol

CecilArcelle 04-12-2010 06:43 PM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room

Originally Posted by Yagyu (Post 63015)
U can enter a solo or grp as a player if another gm is running the grp. Of course lol

Great :) Definitely up for it then.

Yagyu 04-12-2010 07:34 PM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
K start workin on a story based on one of the themse and well have u run a solo with someone to see how u do.

Yagyu 04-14-2010 07:47 PM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
Yup Ninja theme is now available for use by gms.

CecilArcelle 04-14-2010 08:32 PM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
Cecil Arcelle's GM Topic:

Xfire Name: MasterCyria
Times of Availability: M/F 18:00-24:45, T/Th 18:00-24:45, W 21-24:45 (Please send me a PM to schedule a solo or group. Or just pop on xfire and we'll work out a time.)

Themes Completed By Members:

Theme 1:

-Solo (Jubei)

Theme 2:

-Group (Everyone but kado)(Counts as 2 group events)

Theme 3:

Undead 04-15-2010 12:36 AM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
Marty's GM Theme: 1(Bandits)

Friday night at 9:00 EST, I'll edit this if anything comes up

Let me know on xfire if you're intrested.

CecilArcelle 04-15-2010 12:41 AM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
FYI! Saturday, at 9PM CDT we'll be doing a group quest for Theme 2! Let me know if you're coming! Otherwise Yagyu will be sad he can't go for the armor :P

Undead 04-15-2010 12:43 AM

Re: New Yagyu Rpccg GM Room
What the hell is CDT?

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