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  1. unknown_lady_aerith
    06-18-2008 08:17 PM
    lol thats very funnie kou hehehe so u decided to start a new one? okay thats fine ima go back and read urs then aite from the thread

About Me

  • About Hajime
    What about me?
    In a house.
    Yes I do have a job.
    Name: Hajme Saitou a.k.a. Hajime (Disbanding his first name)
    Age: 25 years old

    Physique: Standing 6í1 tall, well build muscular cut body.

    Appearance: Hajime is handsome yet he does not think so. Looks meant everything to his family besides intelligence. Everyone in his family is either beautiful or handsome making guys wanting to date the daughters and girls wanting to date the sons.

    Clothing: Hajime wears a black and blue samurai outfit which belongs to his grandfather which was passed down to his father to the oldest son (Hajime).

    Gear: Wielding a special made katana that was given to Hajime from his sensei which Hajime killed in a fight to complete his training. Hajime rarely uses his katana because there is no worthy opponent to use it on. Beside the katana, Hajime uses two wakazashi which he uses the most to fight with and is tied opposite horizontally from each other in the back waist.

    Virtues: Loves animal and is really thoughtful of others. Hajime loves to hang around kids because they reminded him of his younger siblings. Very flirtatious (playboy) with women due to his looks but treats them like queens and never flirt unless he have feelings for that woman and never have the intention to play with their feelings.

    Vices: Being too kind.

    Positive emotion: Playful and always smiling.
    Negative emotion: Short temper and gives this look in his eyes as if he seen and been to hell and back.
    Lifestyle: Intimidates other guys by his looks and is quiet and romantic.
    Quote: "Money canít buy true happiness but itís a good down payment."

    Skills: Learned every style there is to learn but never really have a favorite.

    History: The Hajime Family had been a highly respected member of a covenant of extremely wealthy and powerful families. But their ties were severed when they were betrayed by their own and massacred. Completely obliterated, the Hajime blood line was thought to be done forever, they were wrong. Surviving members of the Hajime fled underground and joined other factions in order to disguise them while they raised plans to regain their lost empire. Hajime Saito, one of the last sons of the Hajime Family was raised on the streets of hardship and fought for survival ever since he was a child. One day, he was approached by a suspicious figure while trying to pickpocket. The unknown man took Hajime Saito under his care, revealing later on that Hajime Saito was the rightful heir to an empire that was meant to be his.
    After years of training and learning from the mysterious man, Hajime Saito fully understood who he was and how he came onto the streets. His memories slowly faded back into him, and infuriated him. He sought revenge and retribution, after leaving the man who raised him. Now using his family name Hajime and disbanding his name Saito to strike fear into the eyes of those who has oppose his family in the past and present to be known that the Hajime is the most fearsome of them all. Hajime sets off to eliminate those who once destroyed his life. One by one, Hajime was able to eliminate all except one. It seems that the execution of the Hajime Family long ago was spearheaded by one of the covenant families, the Otunagi. There was only one man left for him to find and kill, the only problem was, that man does not exist. At least not anymore.
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