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01-01-2008, 04:06 AM
I wrote this, well today, on a whim. Enjoy, or not...whatever I'm sleepy.
Kinda romance-y.
Words to Know:
Baasama- like an elder woman (learned it from Naruto)
Hai- yes
Shoji- those slidey paper doors
Geta- clog sandals
Tabi- two-toed socks
Obi- Kimono tie
(did I forget any or get any wrong?)

PS- I used ONE bad word. FORGIVENESS PLX!

Chapter 1

Lighting cracked the black sky in half, it's booming war-cry following swiftly after. She panted harshly with her hasty steps, but the yells of the soldiers closing in behind her served to strengthen her gait. The young woman broke into yet another run, emotion swirling within her stormy blue depths as she bounded towards the treeline and into the forest. She slipped into a nearby stream, smeared her pale face with mud, and hid by the bank with her nose just out of the water. It was hard to resist the urge to shiver. Then again, mid-December was not a good time for a swim.

Squeezing her terrified eyes shut as the footfalls approached, she remembered how she got there.


He always sat out there, every. single. morning. Watching birds and whatnot, who really cares? SHE was watching HIM. And it's not like he didn't know it, either. How else would he catch her eyes at the exact moment she decided it was safe to steal another glance at him?She shot clear to the other side of the dojo floor quickly as if she'd been working her hardest to make the already shiny wood floor sparkle and out-gleam the sun itself, but she couldn't hide her blush. A ghost of a smile touched his lips.

"Kasumi! You wretched girl finish up and get to your other chores this instant! I will have you out on the street before I have the Lord and his family wait for their meal while you dawdle here again!" Kochou's shrill voice rang out, scaring what felt like five years off of Kasumi's young life.

"Hai Kochou-baasama! Right away!" she jumped to her feet and, gathering her cleaning materials, rushed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family of the castle. Her long braid of jet-black hair swung wildly behind her. The wrinkled old woman huffed at the youth.

Kasumi had been working for the Kurogawa family as a cook/maid for two years now, every since her 16th birthday when she came begging at their gate for a little bread and a blanket on a cold night. Since then, she had finally found somewhere to call home. She had even fallen in love with the young Lord Kurogawa, who almost seemed to acknowledge her sometimes. Sure, the work was arduous, and her superior, 'Old Lady Kochou' as she was secretly regarded, was a slavedriver, but it was all worth it to have a bed and be near young Lord Kurogawa....

"****! We lost her. Where the hell did she get to so fast?" a soldier inquired, sratching his head through his helmet.

"Snow's covered whatever tracks she may have left, maybe we can just say we disposed of her. It's not like she will try to return to the castle," said another.

"Personally, I want to find her," the first licked his lips, "No one said we had to get rid of her right away," he chuckled suggestively. Her stomach churned at the thought.

"Have you no shame?"

"Not a shred of it," he beamed. Other soldiers grinned along with him. They crossed the rickety, old bridge in pursuit, but found no luck and returned to the castle with their lie. It was better than bringing word of failure, and the young lord didn't seem to mind that there was no proof of the pretty young woman's death.

Her heart thumped almost audibly in her chest when she heard the news. The young Lord Kurogawa had requested her presence in his chambers that night to speak with her alone. 'I wonder what he'll say to me...' Her head swam with the possibilities. Would he give her a raise? Was he going to promote her to a better position? Would he tell her.... that he l-

"Kasumi," Kochou started calmly, which was odd because she was usually always yelling at the girl. Kasumi stared at her, a bit puzzled at the tone.

"This...well it's very important. If you are to stay here, you must remember your place and act accordingly..." her words seemed strained.

"Um... Of course Kochou-baasama. I'll be on my best behaviour," said the girl.

"Do not do anything you would regret, Kasumi," Kochou warned as Kasumi smoothed the wrinkles from her light-pink flower kimono and made ready to depart.

Walking the long halls to the young Lord Kurogawa's rooms, Kasumi quietly practiced what she might say in various scenarios. She fingered the end of her braid and admired the intricate scrolls that adorned the walls of the castle. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she reached the 'sacred door' of her love and, taking in a deep breath, slid open the shoji screen.

She dragged herself onto the muddy bank. Covered in filth, Kasumi cleaned her face as best she could with her soiled kimono. The geta sandals she used to own were now lost to the current and her tabi socks were soaked in the cold water of the stream. Her skin had taken a very faint, blue-ish hue with the icy temperature of her surroundings. Fatigue was setting in and she wanted nothing more than to rest in her nice soft bed in the room next to Old Lady Kochou listening to the sounds of the night as they sang her to sleep. Unfortunately, she knew she had to trudge on lest she be discovered alive. Kasumi dragged her tired feet over the rickety, old bridge and on into the forest towards trade routes that would take her far away from the village that used to be her home.

"Ah, Kasumi. What a pleasure it is to have you here," the young Lord Kurogawa's low, masculine voice drawled out. She bowed deeply to show her respect.

"Please, such formalities are not required at the time, my dear, not tonight," he cooed.

"Anything you say, Kurogawa-sama," she glanced upward and started when she saw him coming her way. The young woman bolted upright as the young lord approached.

"Kasumi..." he rubbed her cheek lightly with his thumb. Her heart jumped violently once, then refused to beat altogether. Time inched by creepingly slow as he hypnotized her with his eyes. He seemed to be getting closer, and she absolutely refused to blink for fear that it was some kind of awful dream that she would be wrenched away from.Then, suddenly, the young lord closed the distance between their lips, and, for a second, Kasumi revelled in the kiss. She did, at least, until his hand snaked around her back to untie the obi of her kimono.

"K-Kurogawa-sama... what are-... I don't understand..."

"I know how you feel about me," he said. Kasumi's eyes widened significantly at this. "How could I not? But that's why I called you here. Such a pretty, shy thing you are. You, of all the girls in this castle, would give me what I wanted," he grinned, and then he advanced on her again. This time, however, she would not go without a fight. Her pleas unanswered, Kasumi resorted to struggling to get away. Now she understood what Kochou was talking about. She had idolized this man, and he turned out to be like this. She felt so betrayed.

"Gah! Such insolence! You shall pay for that wench!" Kurogawa yelled as he brandished four jagged, scarlet welts on his left cheek, courtesy of Kasumi's nails. He raised his arm high and slapped her to the floor. Before he was upon her again, Kasumi jumped to her feet and bolted from the room.

"Guards! After her you fools! Do not let that filthy wench escape me, I WANT HER HEAD!"

Teardrops shimmered in the moonlight on the shiny wood floors she worked so hard to clean every day.

Amamizu Kasumi dragged her tired body through the snow towards her not-so-hopeful future.

01-01-2008, 04:48 AM
Fantastic, Suchiko!

It's almost 5AM, so I'm not sure I can offer much in the way of criticism or praise (I'll try to do that after I've had some sleep) - however, I do have a question.

Is this the first chapter of what will become many?

01-01-2008, 08:29 PM
Yeah whenever I feel like writing a new chapter.

02-10-2008, 05:30 AM
Very good, can't wait to read the next chapter, keep up to good work:D

02-10-2008, 08:04 PM
I guess I should write another chapter then....