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07-07-2007, 12:10 AM

after watching this video review of Tenchu Z from gametrailers.com i do realize and feel the same way they do. i wanted to know how everyone else on this forums feels about the Tenchu series as well.

first off, i believe that the Tenchu series has a LOT more potential than it is actually using. i love the series but i see a lot of problems with them. the first thing im going to go after is graphics.

i know that not every gamer is out there for graphics, but for the gameplay itself. well, i am a gamer who is really into the graphics part of a game too - whats the meaning of good gameplay if there is no good visualization to help out the rest of the game. so, with Tenchu - over the past years as the tenchu series came out, i realized that their graphics hasnt really developed all that much. the polygons of the characters and the environment needs working, and their animations get repetitive quite fast. i dont know if its the choice of the developers or its the engines that they use, but the graphics need to be better somehow. i mean take a look at games like final fantasy or others, even though games keep coming out for the PS2 or whatever, they're graphics keep getting better, or more unique. Tenchu's graphics seems very old and out of date.

secondly, the action of the gameplay - this part i can say for sure is very repetitive. i like the idea of stealth and how tenchu approaches it. but the character actions and fightings are very very static. it comes to a point where you notice that you're killing the same AI over and over again.

the cutscenes though, i will say are getting better and more visually good looking, but still, its not there yet. the motion of the characters, and even facial motions aren't that well done. if any at all actually, i dont think the tenchu characters show any real emotions. maybe its just the developers lack of animation and modeling designers.

either way, the game is one of my favorites, but it has so much potential that its just throwing it away. i hope that the guys behind this game will get the idea and bring Tenchu to teh modern age with their next release.

07-07-2007, 12:17 AM
I really wanted to buy this but then my wife told me to rent it first. I went to Blockbuster and of course they didn't have it. I read a bunch of reviews online that said the AI was bad and the missions were mostly similar to each other.

I liked your views better. I agree that it has a lot of potential. The cutscenes alone made me drive to Blockbuster.

07-07-2007, 03:30 AM
Delerium - based on past Tenchu games beyond the first, regardless of the reviews, I've decided your wife is a smart woman.

I've played the Tenchu games prior to Z. The original Tenchu is my favorite, and holds a special nostalgic place in my gaming past. It took up a large chunk of my time and I have fond memories of it.

The Tenchu games that followed it were a big let-down for me. I have not played Z, but I did have a chance to watch a friend play it via webcam. I could see why people had problems with the AI. However, I did see things I liked. Great mobility throughout the levels, stealth kill sequences, etc.

I decided that if I owned the system, I would definitely give the game a shot. It seems to me that the "dumb" AI actually lends itself to making you feel like a hardcore ninja. Ninja "don't get caught". Dumb AI allows you to not get caught. A gameplay flaw? Perhaps, but it creates an easy enjoyment that can be balanced by, say, the difficulty of Ninja Gaiden Black (or the new one, it's called Sigma I believe? Is that as difficult as Black was? I've only played the demo on PS3).

07-07-2007, 03:11 PM
Tenchu Z
(Japanese Title: Tenchu Senran)

First I’d like to say that this game got a lot of unfair reviews from Gametrailers and Gamespot. It is clear to me that they don’t know how a ninja operates or how the game itself is suppose to work.

Tenchu Senran:

Tenchu Senran is the Next-Gen version of Tenchu, and with it comes updated graphics, new stealth kills, and a series of new ways to customize your character.
In Tenchu Z you create your own character - that's right, you’re no longer playing as “Rikimaru” or “Ayane”. Instead you pick your gender and dress them appropriately.
There are about 50 different missions ranging from bomb retrieval to assassination to “kill everyone on the map”. With these styles of missions comes a new detection system that’s not been seen in a Tenchu game yet: there's the standard “Light” and “Shadow” meter telling you weather you’re hidden or if you’re out in the open; there's also a bunch of color codes (green, yellow, pink, blue and a flame) where each color represents a level of enemy awareness. Green means that you’ve been detected (Sensed) by an enemy, but he’s not seen you. Yellow means he’s smelled you, pink means he’s heard you, blue means he’s “seen” you, but not actually discovered you. Flame means they’ve spotted you and you should start running away.

There were a lot of complaints on the Enemy AI. Personally I find nothing wrong with it, the AI shouldn’t be vastly superior to the gamer but it shouldn’t be dumb either. I’d rate the AI in Tenchu Z to be Average. Depending on your difficulty setting, the game will determine how far away the enemy will be able to spot/smell/hear you. Easy would be short, Normal would be Medium range, and High would be “Realistic” (High) range.

When the enemy sees you he’ll either shout and scream for people to help him or chase you, however he won’t chase you for very long, he’ll throw himself off after you round the corner, but he’ll remain in “Alert” status for a while after you’ve disappeared. Why they made it like that, I don’t know, but the game itself is hard enough the way it is, Most missions replay themselves in different versions and the same level will always look the same if you ever re-encounter it, but it depends on what sort of mission it is. If you have to kill someone you can pretty much find out where they are, but I found that later in the game when I played the same map over, the character I had to kill had relocated to the completely different coordinates (both outdoors and indoors).

There's no real story in Tenchu Z; you now work for Rikimaru to murder evil merchants, rival ninja clans, drug-lords and other people around Japan. what his goal is, I’ve yet to discover.

Skills, weapons and clothes:

In Tenchu Z you can buy a wide array of different skills: jump skills, shadow skills, etc.
The coolest of the features are the Clothes: when you do certain missions you unlock new clothes that you can buy with gold that you’ve earned from previous missions, and before/after each mission you can change your clothes and add or subtract items.
These clothes also carry over into multiplayer so if you’ve unlocked something awesome like a “Super ninja outfit”, you’d basically have something to brag about.


Multiplayer only consists of one game type: COOP, which is fine and dandy. I played through some games with a few friends of mine and it was great, they DID encounter some lag every now and then. It was nothing major but when the lag affected them, the enemy would un-grab himself or their Stealth Kill wouldn’t succeed. The lag had the most to do with distance. I'm in Europe, and some were in the U.S. Basically whoever was in Europe was fine, but the ones who were further away lagged a bit. In the end we all agreed, that the game worked great all things considered.

If you completed the entire single player story mode, and you unlocked all the clothes, you can then go online on COOP with a few friends and do missions to earn gold that you can then spend on buying new clothes, skills and various items. The money you earn in Multiplayer does carries over to single player and vice versa, it’s pretty neat.


The graphics are awesome. They’re really pretty to look at, and I don’t see why anyone would disagree. It’s not Gears of War but that doesn’t make Tenchu any less of a superb title, at least to look at. I’ve also not encountered any bugs in my 7 hours of game play.
The AI could probably chase you a bit longer before it stopped, but frankly, it’s fine the way it is. The stealth kills are awesome, and the blood is even better. Being able to team up with friends online to murder Rival Ninja Clans and ronin samurai is pure awesomeness.

Graphics: 9
Gameplay: 10
Story: 7
Online: 7

Created by Shiro and Vahn

As for Ninja Gaiden sigma.

It's just as hard, the Cries for it to be easier were declined, however, they did add an easy mode if you died 5 times in a row on the first level...

Ninja Gaiden sigma is probably one of the hardest games in history, to me anyway it definitly was on last gen systems. It's an awesome game, and on the PS3, some of the "Cinematics" were real time, and you also get to play as Rairai.

07-08-2007, 02:42 AM
i say though, the Tenchu series really needs to deepen their plots; i personally find games with deep and complex plots to be attractive. i believe that last one that had any real plot was the one before Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. after that, it kinda became blatant.

i for one, would love to see a focus on the relationship of Rikumaru and Ayame. i know he already stated in Wrath of heaven that a ninja would never call another ninja a friend..... but still, wouldnt it be awesome to have some drama between them?

yea... but don't mind me, im just a romanti-holic