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03-20-2007, 05:08 PM
Just a quick reminder for everyone to go over to and sign up to the various sites we have going. The greatest Tatsumaki fansite is up and running and we have just opened the new Samurai Blogs so people can read the stories of characters or families and also upload their own little blogs. It doesn't have to be just samurai either. It can be anyone ranging from samurai to tradesman, daimyo to small child. If they existed in 16th century Japan then they can have their own blog.

So far we have two stories, but with more people signing up and becoming writers for Meitochi, there will be a lot more content for people to peruse!

Hope to see you over there!



P.S. For people who currently don't read the Meitochi Express, here is the little article I wrote about the Samurai Blogs and what they are: -

There aren’t very many occasions when you get to sit in the comfort of your own home and read the
private journal of a regular citizen of 16th century Japan. Sure, you can read material created by famous
people and read about their exploits, but when was the last time you sat and read something that was
written by a farmer or a tradesman or even just a regular little child?

More than likely you never have.

Now, Meitochi is giving you the chance to have a good look into their private world and read their thoughts
and words that would otherwise only be kept to themselves. The Samurai Blogs have opened their pages for
the first time to allow you to experience the world in which they live and see and hear and experience things
that only they would have felt.

The Samurai Blogs are created by players of Tatsumaki: Land at War to give an account of the every day
lives of their characters and also catalogue the lives of NPC’s. The journals can range from mighty Samurai
training and going out to war to fishermen working hard out at sea and even to children playing in the dusty
streets. Here you will find a wide variety of journals and blogs created to stimulate your mind and get you
into the atmosphere of what life was like in 16th century Japan.

Not only will you find the traditional stories of epic battles and tales of murder, drama and mayhem, you will
also find stories of every day life like washing clothes and days at school and even stories of lazy days playing
Go and Cho-Han Bakuchi.

In the Samurai Blogs, you will find a story to suit every need and taste and if you don’t see something you like,
you can always add your own story to the ever increasing blogs.

So, check it out at

03-20-2007, 09:03 PM
At the moment I'm sort of busy even to post here in EOEf... But I will post at Metoichi as soon as I can... So I hope I can be someone around there...

03-21-2007, 12:15 PM
No worries, we all have a lot of things to do in our own personal lives, so I look forward to seeing you on there soon!