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10-04-2005, 09:27 PM
Name - Katsuro
Age - 20
Class - Samurai
Band -
Rank -
Height - 6'0"
Weight - 135 lbs.
Markings/scars - harsh scar on side of neck.
Outfit fresh hakama, fresh haori.. worn tatami sandals.
Weapons Katana and Wakizashi.
Accessories he carries a sack of coins he refuses to leave his body.

Character History - village burned to the ground while Katsuro was out wandering the fields. at age 9, left with no one. he took day to day life as it came. stealing, robbing, lieing, gambling.. and soon killing. were part of Katsuro's life now. At age 11 he was introduced to a man named Yoharu Sunari, who would take him under his wing and tought him how to use the sword he had been carrying around. Eight years Katsuro practiced and lived with Sunari and became the warrior he is today, ruthless. Because of Katsuro's lack of family or friends he picked up the habbit of excesive drinking of sake's and wines. in the fall of Katsuro's nineteenth year, he was out for a walk under the sky, as he always said, while having a bottle of sake. a pack of thugs began to rustle with him, trying to steal his weapons, and his coin purse. in self defense he drew his sword and killed all four men in three swift movements. intoxicated and delerious he ran back to Sunari's dojo. A guard had seen the killings and signaled for more guards to come. Katsuro reached Sunari's and Sunari startled Katsuro by dropping a bowl of rice, and without his head in the right place. Katsuro swiftly made a move. and Sunari's head fell to the ground.

Stunned at what had just happend he fell to his knees and wept. Cursing and hitting the ground in anger. The guards were aproaching and Katsuro promised Sunari he would never drink again. And took Sunari's coin sack that he had been saving for Katsuro untill he was ready to head into the world again. Katsuro quickly escaped and is still on the streets. Only twice as bitter and as ruthless as before he had met Sunari. He blames Sunari's death on himself~

"Under the sky.." Katsuro whispers as he lay in the field gazing at the stars.