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09-13-2005, 02:24 PM
This post will recount the various stories and tales pertaining to the Togakure ninja such as (but not limited to): battles, missions, espionage, encounters etc (To Togakure ninja: feel free to write your own stories along those lines). The reason why I put this post on this forum and not our family forum is because we are in the process of making a whole new family forum because we are transfering ownership powers and you can't do that unless you delete family and make another.

High Rank Mission: Retrieval of the ninja scroll


Total, utter darkness fills the eyes.

Sense of hearing heighten to the point of hearing pebbles falling from several distances away; sight elevated where darkness seems nearly as clear as day.

A sudden voice is heard outside of the isolated cave, “Jin………it is time”.

Slowly emerging, it is the first time in several hours since Jin has left the cave. Night has finally come, signaling the beginning of Jin’s mission.

A few minutes are taken to assemble the rest of the mission’s team members Tenchi and Kiba, and to review the objectives. Signaled the ‘ok’, they are off to go.

“thump-thump, thump-thump” The beating sound of their hearts pound the night sky as the ninja traverse through the woods towards the destination point.

Silently they arrive at their destination, the castle of Takeda, three hours by foot northwest of the ninja’s village. The ninja team analyses the situation and environment. They know what they must do. With a hand symbol, Jin motions the order of execution. Nods are expressed and the infiltration has begun.

Swiftly sprinting toward the side of the castle, Jin expects a heavy garrison, for Takeda is a very paranoid man.

“We must scale the wall of the guard tower, and take down the guards” Jin whispers.

Grappling hook tools are taken out and thrown.

“clink!” the sound of the hook making contact with something is slightly heard.

The team treks up the castle with the cover of darkness and their art of stealth.

Four guards highly alert….this would be trouble. Knowing that if any of them are seen, the whole castle will be alerted and the mission would end in failure.

Silently climbing up and over the tower, Jin has a guard in his sight.

“thump-thump, thump-thump”….From behind, he slowly creeps up on him. “patience, patience”, he thinks as he closes in and waits for the right time to strike.

“crack!” the sound of broken bones is heard as Jin executes his lethal taijutsu techniques towards the poor guards neck.

As Jin silently disposes of the man’s body, he suddenly notices a guard in front of him.

“I am spotted.”

As the guard is about to yell out for backup, a sword quickly pierces completely through the guard’s forehead from behind, it is Tenchi.

“Drip, drip”, blood stains the sword and droplets of it fall unto the floor. “SHHHHT”, Tenchi swiftly removes the sword as fast as he pierced it through the man’s head and a rush of blood spews forth. The smell of rusty metal fills the surrounding air.
“Takeda’s ninja will sense us soon”

The two other guards are quickly dispatched and the ninja then enter deeper within the castle for their objective. Deeper and deeper they went, avoiding the various snares and pitfalls the trap-riddled castle had. A slight annoyance, but not too much trouble for these chunin.

“thump-thump, thump-thump” They have reached the room. “We made it”

Methodically searching throughout the whole room, nobody was able to find it for a while, until Kiba noticed a loose part of the floor. Removing the wooden piece, there it was, the scroll of secret techniques of the Togakure ryu.

“Intruders!” someone said outside, were we careless in our approach? Alarmed, there was no time to worry about that as the ninja quickly executed their exit plan and left the castle.

They have made it out of the castle and into the forest, but all was not safe yet.

“thud!” a sharp warm pain flowed throughout Jin’s leg. A familiar feeling. It was a shuriken, a shuriken made by a koga ninja clan Jin knew.

“Go on back to the village! I will distract them!”

A typical strategy of someone staying behind, distracting the enemy while the other team members kept on going. Chance of survival, slim to none. Jin was injured so he probably could not have kept up with them anyway.

Caltrops were dropped and seconds later, the sounds of agonizing pain echoed throughout the forest. They were following Jin and not his team, “Good” he thought as he ran off, realizing there were three koga ninja following him.

The sounds of shurikens whizzed by Jin’s head. He knew they would eventually catch up, but when? Suddenly, a ninja appeared in front of him and the other ninja had caught up. Cornered. Ambushed. Great.

“shhhhhhhhhink!” Jin unsheathed his sword as he confronted the ninja. Slowly backing up, he saw the number of ninja that were ready to pounce on him. He backed up to a corner, there was no escape. “Foolish”.

Four ninja were closing in on him. They were the wolves, Jin was the sheep. Moonlight shimmered on everybody’s blades and looked like teeth ready to take a bite.

“thump-thump, thump-thump” As the ninja closed in for the kill, Jin quickly dropped his sword, grabbed his sheath, and swung it, releasing blinding powder in the attackers eyes! The wolf has become the sheep.

Picking up his sword from the ground, He worked on the ninja as a butcher would on a big slab of meat. It was not quick slices with the blade, for the ninja sword was not as sharp as the katana, it was sawing motions that was being ran through the attackers. Blood and guts flew everywhere as the area was being painted in red. The cry of agony was produced as the cold steel ran through the ninja’s bodies and a seemingly never-ending river of blood flowed out. The sound of metal on flesh played on until all adversaries had been subdued and eliminated.

Sheathing his sword as he ran back towards the village, Jin thought to himself, “mission complete” and wiped the blood off from his eyes.